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In my posts I will talk about the future of the MCU, and DCCU movies, and news, and I will try to post every month or so. My topics could have possible spoilers but no synopsis because I don't work for Marvel or DC I just like good movies, and comic books. Marvels number 1 hero is getting another franchise within a time span of 13 years, but will it be worth it? Marvel can do something fresh with Spider Man since they have a spider verse with a mix of characters like Miles Morale, Miguel O’Hara, and Jessica Drew, or they can do another take on Peter Parker, which will be the case.


This 3rd installment of our friendly neighborhood Spiderman introduction has to be memorable, because if not then a solo movie would only be another risk to the studio, being that we've seen the character five times. The Civil War as we know will be the first movie he will star in, but if he displays the famous mask-off scene from the actual comic then it will ruin the characters future, and it wouldn't be as interesting for a random hero to reveal their identity. It would be epic to see spidey swinging around in New York on a tv show such as Agents of Shield, or Daredevil, so the audience knows he is experienced prior to the Civil War. Peters intro should be interesting as Thor in the Avengers, or Quicksilvers in Xmen:DOFP, but he shouldnt take Black Panther role, and be in the middle of Captain America and Iron Man.

Best Of Both Worlds

The world has seen 2 spider man franchises, and the majority of the fans are still not please with the portrayal of Spider Man, so we need someone who can play both Pete and his alter ego Spider Man. Andrew Garfield was the best thing about his run as the spider, but the one thing people had issues with was his modern take on Peter Parker that had a little too much charisma and wasn't a nerd even though I enjoyed it, because it was your 2012 nerd. Tobey Maguire played an average Spiderman to me, but he wasn't AMAZING like Garfield even though he level it with the way he portrayed Peter without the rambling emotions throughout his term. This movie should ultimately keep Garfield Spiderman, and develop a calm nerdy Peter that the audience can relate to.


Spiderman has one of the most popular female companions in comics, such as Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Felicia Hardy, and Betty Brant that can be one of his lovers, but do we want another love story? The first movie should only have a lot of friendships in the high school that builds up characters and spawn relationships, so that we can get a break from Peters hormones. The audience already knows what the consequences of Spider Man's girlfriends due to the death of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider Man 2, therefore I think we can hold off from seeing love in the first film.


The release of Spider Man movies have dropped in the terms of box office success over the years and I feel its, because of word of mouth, fatigue, and most of all, STORY. Story is crucial when it comes to movies, because if its weak, or sloppy then most people will leave theatres with a bad taste, and to keep a franchise going the story has to be great, or put you on the edge of your seat. Marvel will always reign supreme over its competitors, because of their tactic of making their movies more interesting than the hero defeats villain aspect, in which they use genres like no other. Spiderman falls under the fatigue of hero defeats villain by the end, but with Marvel getting back their real posterboy the studio won’t allow it.

The Villain

Spiderman villians are very colorful and animalistic, so it makes it hard for the studio to adapt the spider foes from being too cartoonish to being celebrated. One thing that I think we all don’t wanna see in another film is more than one villain that is pivotal, for at least the next film that is release, because Hollywood seems to rushed it, and it messes up interesting characters. The villain for the first outing shouldn't be someone in a past film, corny, nor average so I think they should have Alistaire Smythe or Kraven the Hunter.


Who should be the villain?


Will Spiderman be worth the DEAL?


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