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It's one of the most well known stories in comics and rightfully so deserves a film adaptation of its own. it clearly shows just how sadistic and psychotic Gotham's clown prince of crime truly is. I'm talking about The Killing Joke ladies and gentlemen, written by Alan Moore. I decided to fan cast who i think would be able to bring the story to life and if it were a success carry the franchise into the future.

John Favreau/Harvey Bullock

I think John Favreau would make a great side kick for Gordon. Even though he doesn't have a lot of moments in the story it's still an important role to the narrative. He is a good actor; I definitely loved him in Chef and he could really look the part and has that essence that Bullock needs. It might be a little tricky though since Favreau without a doubt is a Marvel man nowadays, but here's hoping!

Hugh Laurie/Commissioner Gordon

I've been rooting for this ever since I heard they were remaking Batman and who knows if it ever would happen. I personally think Gary Oldman will always be Commissioner Gordon because he simply made that role his. If it were to come down to who could replace him though it has to be Laurie. I mean have you seen House? The man is a phenomenal actor and has a strong presence just like the commissioner needs.

Jena Malone/Barbara Gordon

I hate The Joker for the pain he causes Barbara in The Killing Joke, but sadly it's part of the story. We all know, however that in the after math of this horrific event, Barbara Gordon becomes Oracle. I would love to see Jena Malone in other Batman movies as Batgirl because we've already seen her kick major butt in Sucker Punch! Here's hoping though she is in Batman V Superman!

Michael Gambon/Alfred Pennyworth

We always need to have Alfred if were talking Batman and it has to be someone just right. I cannot get over the magnificent job that Michael Caine did and I'm sure Jeremy Irons will do the same for this new retelling of Batman. In my Batman casting though I can really see Michael Gambon as Alfred. It's just something about the performance he gave as Dumbledore that shows he can be compassionate but also have a strong authority.

Michael Fassbender/Batman

This casting choice in my opinion is just perfect and if you have any doubts I suggest you revisit the X-Men series. Michael Fassbender's portrayal as Magneto is superb and I can easily see it translated into Batman. I believe not only is it the acting ability of this man has but also the presence he has. He easily has the voice and stare for Batman but also the look that Bruce Wayne needs to have.

Jake Gylenhaal/The Joker

If you need an explanation for this I don't know what to say, but i'll give it to you anyways! I was rooting for Jake since the beginning when I first heard they were going to have The Joker in Suicide Squad. Jake has proven time after time that he is a phenomenal actor with a wide range of talent. From Donnie Darko to Brokeback Mountain, the man is a terrific actor with a lot to offer. It wasn't until one movie, however that I was truly convinced he was the perfect Joker. I'm talking about Nightcrawler where Jake just completely loses his mind. If you haven't watched it i suggest you do then you'll know why he be the perfect Joker.


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