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This is it, people! Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron bombs another promotional featurette revealing most of the things about the "massively important" characters, the Maximoff Twins with amazing stills, videos, stars impressions and information! Woo hoo! Watch the video below to get started off with!

In all of this hype, I can`t resist and thus, I have created a limited fannotization!

1. It begins!

First three seconds start out to be dark with suddenly, this popping out with a background music full of suspence!

2. The Big Three, Joss Whedon and the Sisters Are Introduced...

Mind the quality please!
Mind the quality please!

Then we see the Big Three, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor facing off Ultron in a two second stanza. Then the scene suddenly gets transported to Joss Whedon, the director and basically, the man who made the MCU possible alongside some spectacular folks!

Joss Whedon introduces this featurette by saying:

In this film, I`m introducing massively important characters.... Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

And then we get to see [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109). Note: Quicksilver still is not included as it was shown in the very first trailer.

New still.. but still... pun intended!
New still.. but still... pun intended!

3. Elizabeth Olsen Explains Whatever is needed to explain...

Hey, why do I think of fish when I see this?
Hey, why do I think of fish when I see this?

Elizabeth Olsen is introduced with see saying some lines about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch:

They are brother-sister.... he`s fast and quick and anxious...

And we glance at Quicksilver running over Ultron, while Cap is trying to get up with his smacked face.

Quicksilver... SMASH!!!
Quicksilver... SMASH!!!

Then, she continues...

And she`s grounded and thoughtful....

And here is the thing I have been waiting for to show you, guys!


Yess! Scarlet Witch is apparently glancing at something very precisely, thoughtfully, and curiously, which I think, is, well, obviously something that is significantly important throughout the whole movie. Behind her, is Quicksilver, in his badass mode, and... freaking ULTRON in a relentless pose!

Also if you look more carefully, you`ll catch some scientists working on something. I think this is HYDRA.

4. And now... THE INFORMATION!

I had other images but this was the best quality...
I had other images but this was the best quality...

Now, we go to another scene! We see Tony Stark repairing some of those mechanical things on his Quinjet while Cap and Maria hill talks real business:

Maria Hills: Wanda and Pietro Maximoff... twins... (now Cap swipes his tablet seeing the twins revolting against something in a soft-apocalyptic zone.) Orphan at 10 when a shell collapsed their apartment building...

So, we get to see a little bit of their background. Starts off dark, but hopefully ends.... happily ever after? Nah! I like dark things!

And finally...

Wait, what? Nothing over here? Confused? Well, don`t be! Because, the last five things that are in the trailer are the best ones yet and I don`t want to already spoil it for you, like totally! So, what are you waiting for, watch the trailer, now!


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