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Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead
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So the Pretty Little Liars finale happened about a week ago and we have Big A's name. It's Charles. Most of us assume that it's Charles Dilaurentis due to the quote found in Mona's mirror:

Chandelier’s rituals.
Sister launched lair.
A ruler’s list changed.

If you change the order of letters, every sentence forms the name "Charles Dilaurentis." In addition, the letters in Spencer's dollhouse room also formed Charles:

Image from BuzzFeed
Image from BuzzFeed

Which means we are pretty sure that Charles is Big A. However, knowing that Marlene King is a master manipulator some fans suggest that it's not Charles Dilaurentis but Rachel S. Dilaurentis. Which is not really convincing because of the two boys kissing Alison. What's bothering me is that no one mentioned the name of the baby. Which means the baby might be Alison or...


Jessica Dilaurentis
Jessica Dilaurentis

Jessica Dilaurentis is holding a baby and when the boys pass by she says, "Wanna say goodbye to your sister? Give her a little kiss?" However, she only looks at one of the boys. Moreover, the second boy just pets the baby.

So the first boy, who in this theory is Jason, kisses his sister as his mother says. The second boy just pets the girl because she is not his sister. It also might be Spencer since Veronica said, "We used to bring the girls here," probably meaning Spencer and Melissa. Now, this theory doesn't make much difference but I thought it was worth mentioning.


Bethany Young
Bethany Young

This theory would be a turning point in [Pretty Little Liars ](series:201848) if it's true. According to this theory, Bethany is Spencer's big sister. Which means the video was shot a year before the girls were born. Now, in this theory things change a bit. Jessica Dilaurentis had twins with Peter Hastings. So the Hastings got to keep Charles and the Dilaurentis got to keep Jason. After a year, Veronica and Peter welcome Melissa and three years after that Bethany is born. A year later when Spencer is born the Hastings decide to give up two of their children for adoption. So they give Bethany and Charles to the Young family. Growing up, Bethany and Charles were very connected. However, Bethany had to go to Radley because she learned the truth and Jessica had to go there to make sure she doesn't tell anyone, especially Charles. Charles later finds out the truth, Bethany dies and he becomes Big A.

Rachel S.

There's not much to say in this theory, but I would like to mention it. This theory states that the baby Jessica is holding is Rachel and one of the boys is Andrew since the farm is called "Campbell," but some of the ages don't match so I'm just going to leave it here. In case I think or read anything about this theory I'll update this post.


Please note that I thought of the last two theories and read the first one on twitter. I did not read any spoilers so this articles does not contain any. I would also like to ask you not to comment spoilers in case you read any. Thank you!


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