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Awesome! The title you just read is actually true! The Lego Movie will get a spin off that will be set to be released in an unannounced time period!

Before this week, there were already three LEGO movies in the works at Warner Bros, following the success last year of The LEGO Movie. There's the LEGO Ninjago movie (9/23/16), The LEGO Batman Movie (5/26/17), and obviously, The LEGO Movie Sequel (5/25/18). As far as I can tell, the directors and producers are doing all of these, well, to earn the biggest of box office money. Is it their ego? Nah.... It`s money`s!

This week, yet another movie was added to the LEGO movie roster, as Warner Bros hired actor/writer Jason Segel and screenwriter Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) to cowrite a LEGO Movie spinoff called The Billion Brick Race. There's no other details known about the premise, but based on the title, one could guess that it sounds like a car/racing movie, possibly in the vein of Wacky Races, but... with LEGO pieces and characters (again, just a guess/hunch). As shown in The LEGO Movie, there are a lot of themes within the LEGO Universe that can be incorporated in this.


What are your thoughts about the upcoming spinoff?!


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