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Chapter Summary: The Walking Dead S05E16 "Conquer" (Season Finale)

* If you read the spoiler, discuss it here, share the link on social networks, etc, but please respect for those fans of the series who do not want to find out what will happen in the season finale. Thank You.

The chapter begins with Morgan waking up in a car. It is prepared some food on a campfire.

An armed man (played by actor Benedict Samuel) approaches and points a gun

Benedict Samuel
Benedict Samuel

Morgan asks what the W stands on his head. It will tell the story about wolves.

He says: "The first inhabitants here, it gave bounties on the heads of wolves, ensured that the natives get involved in that, and did hunt did not take long to kill them all (pointing to the W of Wolves -. lobos- you have on your forehead) they're back now. "

After threatening to capture and kill Morgan, Morgan removes his first pole climbing in a manner well ninja also get rid of a second member of the Wolves (actor Jessie C. Boyd) appearing from the bushes.

Jessie C. Boyd and Benedict Samuel
Jessie C. Boyd and Benedict Samuel

Morgan leaves the moors and into the car. Honks the horn and leaves.

Rick wakes up and sees Michonne watching. She tells him that Pete is in another house. Carol, Glenn and Abraham come.

Carol asks why Rick took up arms (hiding the fact that she participated in the theft of weapons)

Carol tells Rick that should tell the story that the community wants to hear (That will obey their rules) at the meeting later.

Carol says that's what she has been doing since I got there. Michonne asks why, and Carol replied, "Because these people are children and children like stories.

Rick hatches a plan to restore Ricktatorship (Ricktadura) and support the family of Deanna at knifepoint, to take the armory.

Daryl beheads three walkers at once with a rusty chain. Daryl Aaron and take refuge in a car surrounded by walkers hitting the window.

Inside the car there is a note that says: "Trap, poor people come. Do not stay here. "


Before leaving, salvation appears.Is Morgan !, who helps them escape from that place.

Aaron tells of Alexandria.

Morgan says he goes to another place, but is lost, while drawing a map. Daryl shows you where they are on the map, and see the message "Sorry, I was stupid, come to Washington. The new world will need to Rick Grimes".

Daryl Morgan looks but does not recognize the note.

While you are out of Alexandria, Father Gabriel is with a walker and a person who has been attacked by Walker.

Michonne asks Rick if he is ready for the meeting. Rick explains to Michonne how they got weapons, and try to give one to Michonne.

She Rick's hand away, leaving him to retain the weapon. She explains that she is not against him, and that will continue.

While Rick is in his room, referring to an old conversation with Bob becomes:

Rick voice: "This is the real world Bob." and Bob replies, "No, this is a nightmare, and nightmares are finished '.

Rick open and blood located in the lock gate as well as on the ground. Rick closes and runs.

Father Gabriel returns to his makeshift church and finds Sasha waiting. She wants to talk about what is living.

Two members of The Wolves attract the man in the red poncho to the trap that Daryl and Aaron escaped before.

They cut the throat man poncho and reset the trap using music (to make walkers entering trucks).

Rick explains how Walker entered through an open gate, and that the dead and living always find a way in.

He says: "Those who are out there persecute us, and we'll need to change now.."

As Rick says the speech, we see scenes of Glenn helping walk Nicholas, Carl Judith at home, Maggie, Sasha and Father Gabriel praying together, Tara awakening as a member of The Wolves (Wolves) with photos Aaron Alexandria.

Pete suddenly appears with a wild look with Michonne's katana and shouts, "You're not one of us!"

It opens the way pushing Reg (husband of Deanna) but accidentally cuts his throat. Abraham immobilizes Pete.

Deanna is in shock, and while holding Reg as he dies, he tells Rick "Rick, do it".

Without hesitating for a second, Rick runs Pete.


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