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The fourth installment of Michael Bay's orgy of metal and explosions had some promise to it, but man was this movie a huge disappointment. Transformers: Age of Extinction was too damn long. A great movie has a good plot, and for this movie, the plot was thought up by a 4 year old. You have you introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and then your ending. Age of Extinction had none of this, too many plot points and villains to follow through out the course of one long movie. This movie had three villains, count em', three villains, and every movie lover knows what happens when you have more than one villain *cough* *cough* Spider-Man 3 *cough*. This movie would have been totally fine if they just had Lockdown fight Optimus and than had some fluff in the middle, or have Galvatron (who completely bombed as a villain) fight Optimus. The reason I just include Optimus is because these movies never, NEVER, expand upon the transformers themselves. Me being a movie goer and seeing a movie called Transformers, I want to learn about the Transformers. I don't care about Shia La'Beofjaansddoonn and Mark Wahlberg's terrible acting jobs. I want to get to feel for these characters, get to know their past. Now this movie had some good scenes, like The Dinobots, but even than they appeared for 8 minutes of the damn movie. Here is some things wrong with this movie:

  • So at the end of the movie, the Autobots just forget about Galvatron and just assume that he is dead
  • If Optimus had the ability to fly the whole movie, why didn't he use his flight at any other point during the movie besides the end
  • So The Autobots just let the Dinobots free into the freaking forest. They just saved your entire clan of bots, and you just set them free
  • All of these villains are under developed and just make me bored when I watch these movies

Michael Bay needs to just set the camera down and let a movie play out. The CGI was better in the first movie than it was in this. The Autobots are too colorful and look fake at times, but in the first one, they have darker colors and shades which make them as if they are actually real. If Michael Bay cared about his movies, and not about the hot teens he gets for his movie, maybe his movies would look better. Thanks for listening to this rant, and if you think this movie did good just because of its box office gross please just

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