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Hey guys, I was enjoying my weekend and I was going through some random videos on YouTube (like watching the best scenes from some movies) so that I may get some ideas to write a new article and it was only then I accidentally came across a bunch of videos made by an uploader named "ManOfSteelAnswers" The page has a bunch of videos which the uploader labeled as "Man of Steel Myths" and those videos were intended at breaking the myth or otherwise the baseless criticisms thrown at this movie, so without further delay, I'll attach the best videos from their playlist right here, so that you can watch, analyse and debate. There are 6 videos that I have attached below, each averaging at 4 minutes, So it may take a while to completely read this article, but let me assure you, it's definitely worth it !

Why Zod chose Earth instead of Mars for Terraforming.(A direct response to the criticism of "Why didn't Zod go to Mars and make a new Krypton there")

Makes absolute sense, so let's jump to the next one.....

Superman literally saved the entire planet thrice from extinction (A direct response to the criticism of "Superman never saved anyone in the movie")

He's a savior of Mankind and not the opposite......

Superman had an extremely hard time fighting Zod and was clearly not the reason for the collateral damage of Metropolis (A direct response to the criticism of Superman caused the entire destruction of Metropolis, even when he had the edge")

It's pretty clear that Zod was the main reason behind the collateral damage of Metropolis, not Superman.............

Only a small section of Metropolis was destroyed (A direct response to the criticism of "Half or the entire city of Metropolis was destroyed because of the battle between Zod and Superman")

The entire city still stands tall and straight, it was only a few blocks that got destroyed..............

Superman couldn't have saved his dad, even if his dad was OK with Clark saving him ! (A direct response to the criticism of "Superman should have used his ability of flight or super speed to save his dad")

Now it makes sense right, people were blaming him for what he possibly couldn't do, even Superman has or had some limits................

And here's the last of this series, Which proves Superman indeed smiles, he tried taking the fight away from populated areas, and he couldn't have just closed Zod's eyes while he was laser shooting at the family, plus other cool myth busters as well

So I think this silences most of the people, oh wait there are other criticisms thrown in as well, but unfortunately there aren't video available on that, so I'll take it forward in textual format.

The movie has way too much of action and CGI.

Superman vs Zod
Superman vs Zod

Well let's be honest here, they are super hero movies based on comic books, and the super power fantasy action is one of the central aspect of these stories, so one cannot complain that Man of Steel had too much action, it's like people were craving for some REAL superman fights in movies and all the superman movies before Man of Steel really lacked behind in that aspect and when a film maker finally decides to showcase a true Superman fight and action piece, people complain !

And secondly people were like this movie is a CGI overload, but c'mon how are you supposed to portray a character who has abilities beyond normal, everything Superman does is what humans can never do and the film makers should obviously turn towards CGI to capture the raw power of Superman and his enemies and the kind of impact they'll have when they come to blows.

Every comic book super hero movie is filled with lots of CGI and action (apart from TDK trilogy) so it's quite biased to pass on that comment.

Superman killed Zod


This was a controversial topic during summer 2013, and was a reason for hot fan debates and fury, because many claimed Superman never ever kills anyone but really let's discuss some facts here, Zod cannot be contained in any prison on Earth and no one can stop him apart from Superman, and superman was trying his best to stop Zod but the damage was only increasing and at the end there was a family at risk, Superman doesn't really have a choice, he either has to kill Zod or he will continue his mission, which will result in more damage and loss of life. And the reason of why Superman never kills anyone has to have a certain amount of weight on it, it has to explained why Superman doesn't kill anyone and this is the best way to explain that. Not satisfied well let me say that Superman HAS killed people even in the comics !

Kryptonians killed
Kryptonians killed

Actually Superman killed Zod before in Superman 2 as well.

Falling to death
Falling to death

Superman just took the super powers away from Zod and threw in an endless pit ! So Superman killing his enemies is not something new that Zack Snyder wanted to do, it existed in the mythology already !

No character development or substance

This comment is usually passed on Zack Snyder films, well he is a great visual director for sure, but this guy also knows how to craft a meaningful story. It was Zack Snyder's decision to spend MASSIVE 20 minutes on Krypton to lay the ground work necessary for the entire film so that everything will make proper sense, as a matter of fact Zod is one of the most developed villain in a comic book movies from a character POV (Zod's character was fleshed out perfectly) And the relation between Jonathan and Martha Kent and Clark were really emotional and touching and at last Superman's character received the justice it needed, He was portrayed as kid who was confused, hurt and lonely going through a lot of struggles and one day finds out he is NOT a human and then goes on a journey of self exploration doing a lot of things yet concealing himself and at last one day make the most difficult decision of his life ! now how is that supposed to be under developed ! And the chemistry between Superman and Lois Lane was on spot, anything less would have looked really bad and anything more would have felt really artificial and out of place. And we have to remember that Superman just started out on his Clark Kent persona who there's a lot of room for chemistry in the upcoming movies.


Do you think the criticism thrown at Man of Steel were baseless


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