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The Transformers series could be one of the best movie story lines in history, but due to Michael Bay's overall fetish for 19 year old women and explosion orgies, these movies have proven to be nothing but junkyard scrap. I am here with how to fix the Transformer universe and possible bring back the viewers of this great 80's icon.


If you want the Transformers movie you've always wanted you're going to have to redo the entire story line and begin a new.


Instead of making [Transformers 5](movie:1325503), start the new franchise off with the War on Cybertron, give the Transformers some back story instead of bringing in a human aspect. As lover of this great story line, or as most Transformers enthusiasts would call the Aligned Continuity, these characters all possess interesting stories and origins. The four Michael Bay movies focused to much on Shia La'beefoia, and Mark Wahlberg and the young women Bay loves just to throw into the movie (even though they can't act for their lives). The first installment should be the War for Cybertron and should end with the Arc heading for Earth followed by the Nemesis. In these movies give each character their own back story, don't just focus on Optimus Prime. However, the Orion Pax origin would be interesting for a movie. This is just some short things they should change, redo, and introduce.

  • Unicron
  • A proper Galvatron (screw KSI)
  • Delete transformium from the series
  • Properly introduce the Dinobots, and make Grimlock talk
  • Stop focusing on the humans
  • Show the Transformers actually on Cybertron
  • Maybe introduce the Maximals/Predacons
  • Give enlightenment on the Thirteen Original Primes, and Primus

Have anything else you want to add to the list, comment what else you would like to see, or change in the Transformers Saga


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