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This is My Top 5 Comic Book characters, you don't have to agree.

Groot giving a little girl a flower
Groot giving a little girl a flower

1.) Groot

Groot is my all time favorite Comic Book Character! All he can say is "I am Groot!" Imagine everyone's frustration when they try to start a conversation with him! Not only that, but only a few can understand what he's saying. At the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, he is dancing adorably to 'Want you Back' by Jackson 5. I just find him cute in general, from him causing an alarm to go off to him giving a little girl a flower to him dancing! I could go on and on about why he is the best but then I'd never get to the other 4 Comic Book Characters.

2.) Nightwing

Nightwing is my one of my fave comic characters! I also like when he was Robin too! Dick Grayson is a friendly and loyal hero! His personality evens out Batman's brooding one. He may be the first Robin (that's another reason I like him) but he went solo, showing that he's not just Batman's sidekick. Don't forget his roles in Teen Titans and Young Justice! In Young Justice, you just gotta love his 'slaughtering of the English language' and his cackle too! In Teen Titans, you get to see him lead his own team! Oh! What about when he was Batman? Or what about his circus days, his past?

3.) Spider-Man

Who doesn't like Spider-Man? Sure, in the comics he died and Miles Morales took his place. Peter Parker is my favorite Spidey! Maybe it's because of his quips? Or maybe it was because of his saying,"With great power comes great responsibility."His attitude, along with the reason he does what he does, AND the fact that he's just a regular "friendly neighborhood" person, who isn't at all wealthy, makes me like him. This geeky kid who got picked on in school is the Spider-Man! Who would've thought? His other saying "just your friend;y neighborhood Spider-Man" is another reason he's one of my favorites! Corny yet hilarious!

4.) Human Torch

This reckless yet flirtatious personality of Johnny Storm makes me compelled to like him! With his pranks, his powers, his wealth, he just had to make my list! The way he got his powers, the way he can control nearby flames, who wouldn't like him? Oh! I didn't forget the fact that he yells "Flame On!" as an added effect before he engulfs his body in flames. Not to mention, Chris Evans played him in the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four movies, before he got a role as Captain America! Everyone loves his brash personality!

5.) Kid Flash

Last but not least, Wally West! With his strong metabolism and his flirtatious personality! Not to mention he was in Teen Titans and Young Justice! This speedster may not be as fast as the Flash, but his joking personality makes up for it! He loves to call himself "the Fastest Boy alive" adding to the list to why I like him! He was also the Third Flash, though in Teen Titans he left his mentor to be independent and to apparently make a name for himself. In Young Justice, he is best buds with Robin, one of my other fave characters, and he shows that, although he's a joker, he can also have a serious side at times.


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