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1. Spider-Man.

Kicking off my list is the one and only, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! This dude has always been my favorite Hero, which is weird considering that I am absolutely terrified by spiders. Having been bit by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker would go from being a normal kid to one of Marvels greatest heroes. And what's so great about this character is how relatable he is! He's just a regular guy who just so happens to be able to do whatever a spider can. He has money problems, girl problems, he's even been branded a menace! But he's never let that stop him. Even after loosing not only his Uncle Ben but his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man has never given up because he know what it means to be a hero.

2. Daredevil.

Matt Murdock is a hero of tragedy and heartache. As a young boy Matt lost his sight after trying to save a man from an oncoming truck that spilled a radioactive chemical. Not long after that Matt's father was killed after a boxing match. Which caused Matt to become the Daredevil. Even as Daredevil he still goes through tragedy having lost multiple women who he loved. He is a very tortured hero. Which I like about him. He is also a very street level hero, fighting thugs and mobsters while most other heroes battle against aliens and stuff. Which is why he is one of my favorites I just love the feel of him being more grounded.

3. The Crow.

Now when most people think of The Crow they think of the original, Eric Draven. But I love the Crow itself. Having the ability to bring back a tortured soul to life so that they can right the wrongs done to them, and get justice is just such an amazing idea to me. Not only is The Crow a bad ass but you actually feel so much for the characters, and their stories will bring you to tears most times. And that's because creator James O'Barr has gone through that tragedy and he knows the pain of wanting to bring someone who has wronged you to justice. And that is something that is why I love these characters so much.

4. The Winter Soldier.

Another very tragic hero, because if you cannot tell I like my heroes tortured. James "Bucky" Barnes first started off as nothing more then Captain America's sidekick, until he was later "killed" and brought back as the bad ass known as The Winter Soldier. He was brainwashed and used as an assassin until Captain America brought him back. But he still knew all of the horrible things he did while brainwashed and it haunted him. But he eventually managed to overcome it and for a time he would take up the mantle of Captain America.

5. Venom.

How can you do a list with Spider-Man and not mention he greatest foe, Venom? Though there have been multiple people to take up the Venom symbiote, it is the symbiote itself that I love so much. First bonding to Spider-Man and then to Eddie Brock and now to Flash Thompson. This thing as gone through some changes from being a hero to a villain and back to a hero. And also having Spider-Man's powers this thing is a beast and I love it!


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