ByMiskwà Wàgosh Sanderson, writer at
Miskwà Wàgosh Sanderson

Everyone whose a HUGE Game of Thrones fan knows that almost all the actors are either British, Irish or Scottish (expect for Peter Dinklage who's American).

A question I've always had on my mind for a long time now is "why haven't any Canadians played any major roles on the TV show?" I think it would be very neat and pretty cool to have a Canadian on the TV show. Here are my three top reasons as to why it would be amazing.

1. Canadians are known to embrace the cold weather very well. I think a Canadian actor/actress would play an amazing role as a wildling.

2. We do have a lot of famous Canadian celebs who are famous in Hollywood. Imagine having Ryan Gosling play on [Game of Thrones](movie:817617)?

3. Don't forget other famous celebs too. Like Jim Carey, Rachel McAdams,

Are there any other actors/actress from different countries you would like to see play on Game of Thrones? If so, comment on this post and explain why. :)


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