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Its crazy how seventeen years ago X-Men came out and with that came an influx of comic movies. Seriously look at the releases on films based on comics back then and compare it to today and its insane. This is exciting yet also its bound to have some upsetting news when certain actors have to hang up the mantle. In the case of Hugh Jackman who will have played Wolverine for seventeen years when the next Wolverine comes out its downright depressing. I know it might be a bit of over reacting but seriously when you think of Wolverine the first image that comes to mind is Hugh Jackman! It be really hard to see anyone else take his place but we have to be realistic here he couldn't be Wolverine all his life. If you're not caught up with whats recently happened let me show you a picture Hugh uploaded.

I don't want you to panic thinking he's referring to Apocalypse being his final appearance as Wolverine. I'm going to go out and say it will be for the standalone Wolverine series as a follow up to the 2013 Wolverine movie which was amazing! I cannot wait to see Logan on his next journey even though it could possibly be Hugh's last ride with the character. Then it hit me the best possible way to conclude Jackman's Wolverine has got to be with Old Man Logan's story line.

I know what you're thinking this story is impossible to bring to the big screen do to all the studio rights and distribution of Marvel characters nowadays. The story has many characters involved that aren't part of Fox studios. Red Skull, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Kingpin all have major roles in the story and unless Wolverine goes to Marvel we really won't see them pop up for Fox. The story also has many of our heroes from the current roster pretty much dead and in a way i think it might work but nonetheless the whole rights thing makes this impossible for now. Here's hoping it could be part of a stand alone film in the future because it shouldn't be connected to any part of the cinematic universes right now. The story is really dark and full of dread so it wouldn't appeal to kids in any way this is a film you need the R rating to tell it like it is. You're probably wondering if not Old Man Logan than what could work with giving a closing chapter to Wolverine? There is one story line they could easily adapt to tie things up without the need of other Marvel characters owned by different studios.

I'm talking about the Death Of Wolverine story line that was recently released i mean it does make a lot of sense. The story basically follows Logan as his healing factor is no more due to a virus. There's an appearance by Mr. Fantastic so setting up a Fantastic and X-Men crossover would be a must. Then you have the main foe being Dr. Cornelius the man who bonded Logans skeleton with the Adamantium. It would definitely send off Wolverine to the much needed rest hes been longing for. Whatever they do decide to do with Wolverine I'm sure will be epic to say the least. What Do You Hope To See? (comment below)


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