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A genuine superhero of normal people
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This is to support Ezra Millers Flash, and I am assuming it is Barry Allen. The show is mixing up with the comics in my mind, so tell me if I got some things wrong. BUt still, it isn't gonna be a "panel-by-panel" adaptation.

The Flash

More excellent art
More excellent art

I think Ezra's Flash will (or at least should be) a nerdy guy, very interested in the "supernatural occurrences" that have been happening in Metropolis (and maybe Gotham, depending if he is introduced in Batman vs Superman or Justice League. There won't be as many jokes as in the CW's version, but I hope that DC sees this opportunity (and the same if they use Hal Jordan) to say "Hey, comedy sells, just look at [Marvel](channel:932254)" and has at least some lighthearted characters and movies. Believe it or not, Ezra is 22 years old and will be around 25 when The Flash starts filming. I hope they don't go down the "college superhero" route, but I am casting it like they are.

So here it is:

Iris West

She has great chemistry with Ezra Miller (Perks of Being a Wallflower) and she can play a smart girl (The Harry Potter films) and is about the right age to portray a college student (age 24 right now.) They could follow the New 52 version (with her being a reporter), and she could be a reporter for their college newspaper. It could take place in the summer, and Barry could have an internship at the local police station as a forensic scientist. Which leads me to my next casting

Detective West

Kyle MacLachlan has already played a very awesome and famous detective (Twin Peaks) and can realistically play some one Emma Watson's age's dad ([Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469)) and is a multi-faceted actor who can be a good fit in this part any second of the day. I picture him as a hard, strict cop, who is like a dad to Barry after what happened to his mom and dad. I know he is not a main guy in comic book lore, but Barry needs a way in to the police station.

Cisco Ramon

Honestly, I couldn't see this character going any differently, and I am looking for the same approach. Heck Yeah Carlos Valdes! He is basically Barry's best bud and he is also on an internship in the police station with Barry. He is walking into the lab when Barry is struck by lightning. In the end credits, it is revealed that the accident also gives Cisco powers, as he had a less severe accident (barely felt a shock) so he is a late-onset metahuman and has a less powerful version of Barry's powers

Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick will be kind of like a seasoned veteran, a retired speedster, who Barry gets the idea for his costume, alias, and uses his "super detective skills" to track him down. He teaches him the ropes of the speedster business. He retired from superheroness because of ARGUS

Linda Park

Brenda Song
Brenda Song

Yes, I know she is 5 years older than Ezra Miller, but she will be Barry's original girlfriend at the start of the film. She will be what makes Iris jealous so they can get together at the end of the film, because she is Iris's coworker, she runs a video news on the college's TV channel. Iris is vying for that job, and then Barry eventually. She will be calling Barry when he is in the lab with the chemicals and lightning strikes and all that crap. She becomes kind of a crazy psycho after he is struck by lightning (The Social Network) and that leaves her to become a supervillain...GOLDEN GLIDER!

With that fitting introduction, onto the villains

I know it's a bit early for the Rogues, but I really want them in here, even if it is just a simplified version

Captain Cold

7 years is nothing to Hollywood, so DAve Franco could portray a college age guy. He has the comedic chops to do Cold's awesome one liners. I'm interested to see if he could play a villain, but I'm pretty much sold on Dave Franco. Instead of his sister, Golden Glider could be his Harley Quinn.

Now on to other Rogues. These guys will be young mobsters who are recruited by the "supplier" who gave them the guns and their various powers


Yep. Heatwave and the following will be recruits for a new "[Suicide Squad](movie:2283363)" type thing from ARGUS, run by Boomerang. The program was botched, so they were out on the streets, recruited by the "supplier" to destroy the Flash.

Mirror Master

As I said, this casting isn't based off of the actor's typecast or the comic book character. They are young up and comers and this is them.

Weather Wizard

The final member of the Perks of Being a Wallflower trio, Lerman will become a main antagonist and join the Suicide Squad.

Boomerang is also in the film

Gorilla Grodd

I made this^
I made this^

His voice is perfect. I know Grodd isn't a traditional member of The Rogues, but he could be an experiment of the person who gave Glider, Cold, and Heatwave their guns, Wizard his wand, and Mirror Master is super mirrors or whatever. And the supplier is:


He is also Ezra. Because in the comics, he has surgery to change his face to look like Barry Allen. He becomes a superfan, and recreates the accident Barry had, and uses the cosmic treadmill to time travel to meet him. He sees Barry, and goes insane, trying to destroy him and take the mantke of the Flash. In my version, he gives these college kids future tech to destroy Barry.

The End (takes bow)

Like It? I was trying to get it in for the deadline of the comic adaption, but it was too late, so I took a break and decided to redo my fancast into this one. It is full of characters, it will be spread out across several films



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