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If Daryl dies tonight like a lot if us fear, there will be (verbal) rioting and probably remotes thrown at t.v.'s

Would The Walking Dead do that to us? Up to this point he has seemed the most indestructible of the group but we've seen that NO ONE is safe from being killed off. Sometimes we cheer when they die, like we did with Shane and Lori, sometimes we cry, like we did with Beth and Tyrese.

Let's say Daryl is killed(just saying it hurts) how does he die? By someone in Alexandria? By the unknown enemy carving the letter W(or is it M?) into walkers? Perhaps it's one of their own in the group who is responsible for his death. Could it be Sasha while out of her mind, out hunting walkers? Or could Daryl possibly be killed by walkers? This last one seems to be the least possible scenario. We've seen Daryl fight his way out of a basement filled with walkers blocking his only way out with little to fight them off with. We've seen him fall off a horse and knock himself out, only seconds from becoming a human chicken leg to a hungry walker, waking just in time to live another day. Or how about driving a van off a bridge killing some walkers in spectacular fashion. And that zombie ear necklace? Best bling of the apocolypse!

Does Daryl get back to Alexandria just in time to die fighting for Rick ? Or maybe he never makes it back alive. Creepy Aaron can't be as nice as he seems, can he? There's just something about that guy, that even though he showed his soft side with his partner, that makes me distrust him. And it makes me really wish Daryl would stop walking in front of him when the guy has a rifle in his hand! It's Daryl's feeling of not belonging in the clean and pretty Alexandria that has him leaving the group against the declartion that the group will not be split up again.

We know there will be lots of blood in the season finale, but will there be rioting as well? Killing off the most popular character on the show is ballsy even for TWD. My last thought is we've seen Daryl go from being lead to being a leader, we've seen him tender and caring with lil kickass, we've seen him devasted having to kill the brother he both loved and hated, but will we see our beloved Daryl as a walker?


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