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Marvel Studios has done it again in this action packed sci-fi movie. Marvel had taken a big risk with this Star-Wars based movie because not many people had heard of this team of rag tag heroes including a talking tree and a raccoon. The movie never has a dull moment and the actors seem to have great chemistry with each other. Ronan, the main villain in the movie, could have had a better origin or a better story. Ronan was more of a fill in character whom was covered by Thano's shadow. I could not feel for the villain as I do for Loki because the movie didn't play Ronan up well. Besides the villain, the effects were amazing, and the easter eggs were plentiful within this movie. Thanos was played greatly by Josh Brolin, whom gave the character a sinister voice as we all assumed. However, Thanos just seems to be sitting around waiting for the Infinity War. 9.8/10 will always watch again, and thank you for reading and don't forget;

The Infinity Gems
The Infinity Gems

They are here, and they are waiting for Thanos. Thanks again

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