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Looks like our beloved webslinger is hell bent to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that too with a bang! (Or is it "thwipt" and "shwish"..??)

Not before Sony made the damage five times, thrice with Tobey Maguire and twice with Andrew Garfield and both the series abruptly stopping midway just because there was an overload of villains, it is pretty much clear that Spidey needs to enter the MCU and join the Avengers...
And who knows, he may be, just may be going to be the rope of Tug-Of-War between Captain America and Iron Man in Civil War.

All to wait till 2016.
Or is it 2015 in Avengers Age Of Ultron end credit scenes we wish to see the secret Avenger as Spidey? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts Marvel fans! :)

Lets wish this to be in real! ;)
Lets wish this to be in real! ;)

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