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Jacobus Dixon

With New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine (whose title later changed to More Fun Comics after issue 6) National Allied Periodicals had a hit selling comics in magazine format. Which was good because Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson (the owner of National) owed some people a lot of money. One of these folks was a distributor and printing plant owner named Harry Donenfeld. Ol' Donny liked how sales were going for More Fun and thought Wheeler-Nicholson should make another. The only catch was that Donenfeld had to be taken on as a partner for Wheeler-Nicholson's next big comic magazine, Detective Comics. The two formed Detective Comics Inc. to print the mag. While More Fun Comics would still have some adventure, Detective Comics would focus on crime stories or weird dark tales. And what better to showcase weird and dark than by displaying a Fu-Manchu like villain on the cover. The empty eyes are as unsettling as they are intriguing. They're inviting you to open the open the book and read...if you dare. This experiment wound up working beautifully, turned out people did like an anthology of darker stories. To celebrate Donenfeld got Wheeler-Nicholson booted from the company as he bought National Allied and used both publishing companies to milk some more sweet comic dough.


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