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I'm here to talk about things that will make geeks and nerds squeel. And also talk about stuff like Marvel, Star Wars, those kinds of things

So everyone I had an idea. I am writing a fan-made superhero script. Completely original, new superhero or superheroes. But I don't know what I should use for the script. So I came up with this post. You guys send me ideas for the script down in the comments below and I will choose which ones to use to write a script for everyone on MoviePilot to see and read. So it will be both a way to give me ideas you have for a superhero film and a contest to see who's ideas end up in the script. And for your ideas, include the heroes name and secret identity(Spider-Man, Peter Parker), origins, how they got their powers, powers and abilities, any possible villains or allies, costume, or other things you can come up with. Thank you, bye-bye, and see you next time.


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