ByTighe Coykendall, writer at
Tighe Coykendall

Mad Men revolves around one man. Well, MOSTLY. And that is Don Draper played by the excellent Jon Hamm! He's Head Creative Director of an Ad firm in 1960's New York, and it couldn't be more like it. From the buildings to the clothes to the overall atmosphere, it really feels like the 60's (and later, 70's). The story is a very interesting one of betrayal, backstabbing, and all-around nastiness. Although, it's told so well, you just get wrapped up in it. Despite being quite boring at times, it manages to keep you going, and some parts are better than others. But when it's good, it's REALLY good. The writing is so solid, and RAW, it's very enveloping. It also has probably, THE BEST opening sequence ever! Draper himself can be extremely unlikable at times, yet quite the opposite other times. Pretty much all the characters have their ups and downs. But that's what makes them 3 DIMENSIONAL. There is no black and white....only grey. In conclusion, despite some boring moments, and occasional bumps in the road, it ends up being one of the best TV shows I've watched in a while.


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