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OK people this is just a theory, but remember in guardians of the galaxy then the collector said "Oh, my new friends, before creation itself, there were six singularities, then the universe exploded into existence and the remnants of this system were forged into concentrated ingots... Infinity Stones." and in the holographic background you see a giant being while the collector says that only the most powerful beings in the universe could absorb a Infinity Stone without it destroying them.

yup this guy.

now to my knowledge there are six Infinity Stones. but in the comics there are two more.

  • 1.The soul stone (The Tesseract in the Collector's collection)
  • 2.The space stone (On Xandar with the nova corps)
  • 3.The mind stone (Loki's Scepter now in the hands of HYDRA)
  • 4.The reality stone ( I personally think that this stone is on Vision’s forehead in Avengers age of Ultron because in the comics Vision’s forehead absorbs the solar energy needed for him to function and also allows him to shoot optic beams at enemies, don't know how tony stark would have come by it in the movies but again this is just a theory. plus the movie so far is based on the reality of tony making a mistake by creating Ultron.)
  • 5.The power stone ( The Aether in the Collector's collection) and then
  • 6.The time stone

in the comics the other two stones are The ego stone and The rhythm stone.

so what i'm getting at here is that five of the six stones have been revealed (counting the reality stone vision theory). but my theory is that even though Thanos was thought to be the most powerful being in the universe (guardians of the galaxy)

he may not be which leads me to........

The One-Above-All.

Now according to Marvel comics the One-Above-All is the leader of the celestial's and the most powerful character in the Marvel universe, being responsible for all existence and life in the Marvel universe. only coming to earth every couple thousand years. and with almost all of the infinity stones accounted for what better reason to come back, take out Thanos, and fight earth (Avengers) to get all of the infinity stones back and rule the universe like he and his army of celestial's have done thousands of years before.

well that's my theory, tell me what you think below and thanks for reading.


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