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During March, Marvel's popular Facebook game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, is celebrating its third anniversary through epic story-based quests, Spec Ops and PVP Tournaments.

"Marvel's massive Secret Wars event is kicking off in May, and it looks like it's going to impact all corners of the Marvel Universe. The publisher is busy announcing new miniseries and ongoing books that will spin out of Secret Wars," according to IGN. "As previously revealed, these new projects will fall under one of three brandings -- Last Days, Battleworld and War Zones -- depending on when they take place and how they fit into the larger framework of Secret Wars."

Secret Wars is also being called "a cataclysmic mega-event that will affect every title from Marvel Comics moving forward."

According to Marvel, the march to Marvel Comics' Secret Wars begins within the pages of AVENGERS #35. Starting March 5, to officially kick off the anniversary, Marvel: Avengers Alliance is giving away a limited number of the AVENGERS #35 digital comic books to players who complete the new anniversary-themed task: "Taco Party." (Offer and digital comic code valid through March 15 while supplies last.)

In addition, players who complete the "Taco Party" will have the opportunity to unlock a special anniversary armor and gain three gold units as a reward all for a limited time.

Marvel fans can join the millions of social gamers who have already joined S.H.I.E.L.D by playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance at The game is one of the top rated games in Facebook's App Center, Marvel points out.

"'Marvel: Avengers Alliance' has an engaged player count of over 70 million. With this free giveaway, players and fans will be introduced and indoctrinated into this summer's mega event, Secret Wars.


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