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Sadly, my story fails to pass off as a true “ Comic Book Nerd “ , I wasn't always as big on comics as I am now even though I was always fascinated with superheroes of the comic book world my first words were not “ Hand me the new issue in the Batman series.” Believe it or not, it was difficult for me as a child to get my hands on a comic, with my parents not being nerds such as I was it was hard to explain the epic-ness behind a book with twenty-pages contributing more pictures than words. But hey, parents right ? Gladly I had a SUPER comic book nerd for a cousin, every time I went for a visit the first place I’d run through is his amazing comic book collection. It was like heaven on earth with a variety of titles from a variety of comic ranging from : Dc,Marvel, Image comics, Dark Horse and etc ! soon he allowed me to take comics home myself and that's where the collection started. That's where my love for comics became my undying addiction; there is one in particular that changed my life forever.

The Dragonball Series - Son Goku

I'm not saying much when I admit to Goku being my true hero; but Goku is truly my true hero. My very first one to be exact, as a child I knew Goku before Marvel as well as Dc. My idea of a superhero as a child was flying Ki blasting spiked haired muscular guy , but I was only partially right. I collected action figures, video games, cassettes/DVDs just about anything that consisted of DragonBalls (and that didn’t sound right.) my goal was if I knew just enough about Dragonball Z maybe, just maybe one day I can grow up and become a saiyan. I even screamed to the top of my lungs hoping my hair went yellow, but sadly it didn't quite work out that way. Goku has a way with people, evidently so powerful and strong that even today his name is praised worldwide, and people are willing to pay a fortune to see him in action, Me being one of them. When you thought you've seen it all you come to realize the man named Goku, he’s the most odd of them all, but the loving odd. Goku is an average family guy, with a loving wife two kids and one granddaughter. His perk is his biggest downside, the protector of the entire universe the man who was able to intimidate the heart of gods is also the worst father known to man. But, I guess that's what I love about Goku - not that he’s a terrible father , but he’s so normal. He has no secrets and tells no lies , he’s completely pure and insist on doing the right thing because it’s the right thing. He doesn't make anything he does complicated.

But of course there's more then that behind my reasoning of Goku being my number one hero, there's the fact behind how contagious his kindness is; you see its quite odd on how Goku has been able to influence people since he was a child he’s been able to move the hearts of some of the worst villains to the right path. starting with the evil king Piccolo whom Goku clashed with as a child numerous of times - became one of his closest allies, even becoming a father figure to one of Goku's sons. Prince Vegeta who sought to destroy the world and all its underlings suddenly with a change of heart spared it fell in love and started a family of his own also becoming not only Goku's closest ally but best friend. The Androids , firstly being 16 a machine meant to kill- proves he was more than metal when he sacrificed his life for Goku and his friends well being. Android 18 settling down started a family of her own joining Goku's crusade and 17 sought to do something more meaningful than killing. This was all from Goku's influence, he influenced the world in so many ways one can count and not only in his universe but the viewers such as me too. He always has your back !

Weill some times...
Weill some times...

It’s proven his mercy meets no limits when he destroyed earth's most dangerous threat and used his one and only wish to have that threat reincarnated as a friend.This threat was named Buu and he was reincarnated into Uub and Goku practically raised him as one of his own- he also joined Goku and together they protected earth. This what made him a hero- Goku proved it took more than good looks and brawn's to be a hero- he proved you didn't have to lie to protect the people you love. He was able to conquer anything and everyone cause of the faith he had in his friends and the faith they had in him, everyone he loved he let into his world he kept no secrets, he proved you can be a hero without being a really good liar he also created a third option, before it was either you kill the bad guy or arrest him In Goku’s case it was either you kill the guy.recruit him or kill the guy and make a wish that he’s resurrected a better guy. Goku always thought outside the box when it came to enforcing justice and thats what makes him my number one hero !


I didn't really realize my love for dark and gritty till I came across the Spawn series- It was also one of the great comics I found in my cousins collection and I was pretty young then so surprisingly It didn't really scare me much and boy ! I thought Deadpool looked bad without the mask. Spawn is based on a man named Al Simmons, Simmons was is a CIA who questioned the motives of his agency; for that he was betrayed and terminated. His soul was then sent to hell due to the many lives of the innocent he had taken. Simmons made a pact with a devil, he sold what was left of his soul to Malebolgia to be able to see his wife once again. But, he returned five years later with no memory and as a Hellspawn, after regaining his memory he come to realize it was his wife he did this for but saw that his wife was married to his best friend and together they had a kid. Well, I'm not going to go to into Spawns unfortunate life story but as bad as it sounds its one of the things I love most about him. He is so bold and empowering - the way he was able to cope with everything bad that happened to him. One, being assassinated by his coworkers, second selling his soul to the devil to see his wife again and third seeing his best friend not only marry his wife but have a child with her something he was never given the chance to give her.

Now these should be the supporting factors in creating the most fearsome villain the worlds ever seen. But, that wasn't the case at all - not the awesome Spawn ! instead he became an anti hero for the less fortunate. He protected homeless people from petty thugs and criminals. But, what really got the job done is when he brutally murdered a pedophile after kidnapping his ex wife and best friends daughter, for a HellSpawn it was quite evident that his heart survived all the torture it endured over the years. Though he was an enemy to the PD he was a hero to the people and that's really all that matters. Soon they named him King of the Rat City. I stick by every decision Spawn has ever made while reading this series, he was a man haunted by his past and no matter how hard he tried to get rid of that past he’s only reminded that no matter how he hard tries to forget it that's still the man he is today. His past is his now there was no moving on from that, but him being the powerful man he is learned to cope with that and became one of the greatest guardians the city has ever seen.

Beast Boy

Any other time I would have been afraid to call him one of my favorite Super heroes- but after reading over the Mark Millar article I realized you can truly be a comic book fan without reading comic books specifically comics on your favorite heroes.Honestly, I've never really had the luxury of reading a Beast Boy comic; I was just a really huge fan of the Teen Titans series and I remember watching Beast Boy in action and realizing how awesome he was, I truly thought out of all the titans he was the luckiest of them all. Why ? Well to really go in depth with that I’ll have to go in depth on my way of thinking as a child. My first choice in a real job as a child was to be a veterinarian. I loved animals I felt like f they were more trustworthy than humans; So if I can do anything with my life I would rather it be surrounded by animals, like have my very own zoo.

So watching Beast Boy in action honestly made me a little jealous. The thought of becoming any living creature you wanted was something I can only dream of. I was very shy as a child, so if asked what superpower I wanted as a child it would either be too run fast, fly away or become invisible. of course it doesn't take much to be invisible but the point is Beast Boy was able to do all of that and more ! He wanted to fly become a bird; he wanted to run fast be a cheetah, to be invisible well be an ant and crawl into the tiniest hole.I thought he had it all made for him, I valued Beast Boy but for some reason he didn't use his power as I would.

For some reason he always thought big; he’d become a bear, a gorilla or even a T- Rex no matter how different he was he used it to his advantage. Sure, he wasn't the boldest,smartest,bravest person on the team but he always sought to get bigger when it came to protecting or fighting for his team. The very path I chose to follow now- take whats meant to be your weakness and use it as empowerment.


Now this guy ! I definitely read comics on; Wolverine the foul mouth dwarf sized (OK maybe not that that short ) beast is someone I truly enjoyed watching in action. I had a few comics on him this being the Wolverine origins series, where he battled amazing enemies such as Omega Red and my favorite Daken. Theres just something about a father-son quarrel that really makes a good story ! I can't say I really learned a lesson from Wolverine, but hey ? can’t you like someone for just being really awesome ! the first comic I’ve ever bought was within the X- Force series, where he leads his own band of anti-heroes enforcing justice the most brutal way possible. I remember going to the library to pick up comics but then I came across a book ( Yeah ! you read that right a book ) A prose novel based on wolverine and boy it feels so awesome reading a book written in first person by Wolverine

Wolverine has had his trials and tribulations over the years; its only understandable for someone being 5’3 and over 200 years old and I enjoy reading every step of the way. I still haven't possessed enough strength to read the death of Wolverine but I’ve heard it was one very memorable death so I’ll check it out one day (.. Maybe not now but one day ! ) but what can I say Wolverine is a pretty awesome guy who people would most likely hate if they knew him in real but is loved all over the world. He’s just that awesome Oh ! and lets not forget, I know I'm not the only one who shoved butter knives between my fingers and growled “ bub “ . I love every X-men movie I never understood why it was hated so much, I took the liberty of buying every X men related movie and yes even Wolverine Origins but eh I can't really say I liked the Wolverine that much but it was pretty cool too, I really can't see anyone other than Hugh being Wolverine, but I understand he’ll have to give it up soon. Maybe one day I can pick up that mantle ! eh, yeah right maybe if his skin was a little darker.

Batman ( Terry Mcginnis )

Terry Mcginnis is someone i enjoyed watching in the Batman Beyond series, which i'm glad to say because that's where his awesome reputation started. Terry didn't choose the Bat life the Bat life chose him, Seriously, his whole life was molded and shifted to be similar to Bruce Wayne by Amanda Waller so that he can be the next Batman once Bruce is too old to wear the mask and cowl. I loved watching Terry in action, he wasn't Bruce until he put on that suit then his whole persona changed, he was the man with a plan If you ever wondered how Bruce would be if he were to come from the Burroughs then Terry is your guy. He even looks like Bruce though that's how he’s suppose to look due to carrying Bruce's cells which was implanted into his father by Waller. I like watching Terry in action because it’s pretty cool watching the relationship between Bruce and Terry. They are so much alike just with different backgrounds, so it always seemed as if Bruce was screaming into a mirror. Terry Mcginnis was not only awesome for that reason but honestly I always loved his suit the most out of every Batman, and again not all my favorite heroes taught me a lesson.


What ? You didn't think I'd let you leave without recommending some stuff for you so that I can' you know ease my top 5 into you're top 10, sit back and take back you're pen and notebooks ! :

  • DragonBall Z Kai
  • Spawn the animated series or read Spawn : End game
  • X-Force : Sex and Violence
  • Wolverine and the X-men
  • Teen Titans
  • Young Justice
  • Dragonball and Dragonball Z
  • Batman Begings

All will get you a pretty good look at my Top 5 they sure helped me and now to end this with a " BANG " a clip of how Goku influenced the world !

....And that's all Folks ! your welcome !


Who was the best out of my Top 5 ?


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