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Don't get me wrong, this could just be my own terrible opinion, considering this film has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. They're typically very harsh with their reviews, and for some reason, they're saying this film is terrifying...I beg to differ. I'm the first person to admit that I was scared by something. I don't like the dark, I don't like demonic possession films, and I don't like zombies. Those are things that really freak me out. I was so excited to be peeing my pants at this movie that I went right after my 8-hour 2-10:30 shift at work to a 12:01 showing.

I went into It Follows with high hopes. I was getting constant reminders that it was going to be the "most terrifying horror movie in decades" and "don't see this film alone". So this was my face when I heard all of that:

I really didn't know much about the film; I didn't bother to read a synopsis because I wanted to go into the film open-minded and truly see if I was going to be terrified to the point of maybe having to change my pants. (I went to go to see Annabelle and a woman in the theater had wet herself...I was confused because that movie was terrible also)

So here we go. I'm sitting in the theater, SO excited. It starts off okay. The acting is good. This is a good sign! I don't hate the characters! Okay, awesome.

Oh, wait, it's a sex scene. Great, another overly-sexualized horror film.

This continued for the next hour and a half. The eye-rolling AND the sex scenes. The film was terribly predictable and all-around boring. There were (I believe) about 4 purposeful jump scares where I actually reacted, and they were really just loud noises more than anything. But there were like 3 sex scenes and they were all done the exact same way, and they were stupid.

The characters were really fun to watch. They were well-developed, and they were believable. But the whole would have been terrifying if it were better written, I guess. It was incredibly disappointing to see people walking at other people. What that means is: (this is the super small synopsis) there's something like an STD floating around this small town, and if you "contract" it, you get followed by zombie-like people that everyone else can't see. They are mostly (unnecessarily) naked, probably for shock-value. Boring.

It was awkward, uncomfortable, and weird. I expected to be uncomfortable, but like...scared uncomfortable. Not "I'm not really sure I want to watch this anymore" uncomfortable.

This was actually my face most of the time.
This was actually my face most of the time.

It was odd scene after odd scene. Once it ended, I sighed and got up out of my seat and said "I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight."

So, my lovely Moviepilot movie-goers, you can skip this one. It is NOT the scariest horror film in decades, but you really shouldn't see it alone...because you shouldn't see it at all. Super overrated, and super disappointing.

I'm waiting on the hate, now.


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