ByRyan Wardak, writer at
Ryan Wardak

Tonight was the season finally for the walking dead season 5 and i will say i am kind of disappointed with the ending of the episode. The reason why i say that is because all of the fans from the start back in 2010 were really hoping for a main character being killed off and its became a habit for the writers of the walking dead too kill off some of the main characters and we were all wondering who it would be. The episode was going really good started off really strong showing us ninja morgan, Daryl and aaron meet morgan, morgan and rick meeting again and finally the wolves. that all ended when all we got was pete being shot in the head and reg getting his throat slit by pete's sword. We all knew that pete was going too die in the 5 season we always knew he wasn't going to make it too season 6 and i don't think it came as a shock too us like most of the other deaths this season like Noah,Beth and tyreese. Am i right? and plus i don't think anyone really cared about reg i mean he didn't really show us something like rick,glenn and daryl has shown us over these past 5 seasons. In all means i felt like they could have done better with killing off the characters and i rate this episode a 7.7/10.


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