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For as long as I've been watching horror films, I've sought after the ultimate scares, the best gore, and the most fantastic cinematography in the genre. Tonight, I found something that damn near fulfills all of those aspirations! In 1977, a prolific Italian director named Dario Argento sought to spook and terrorize audiences the world over with his supernatural film, Suspiria. The film centers on an American dance student who goes to a prestigious academy in Germany to hone her trade. Her journey toward dancing prowess turns into a descent into the hellish hallways and passages of a madhouse, full of evil and witchery. Oh yes, I did indeed mean "witchery", for the academy is really a deadly coven, with the most sinister of intentions!

The film can be hard to follow at times, but this is all due to its disorienting frames and distorted sense of reality which is present throughout the experience. Every frame of Argento's masterpiece feels like the unchained dimension of a nightmare, and as we take a twisting, mesmeric journey with the heroine, we experience fear in the most primal and atmospheric ways imaginable. Suspiria truly feels like an unconscious out-of-body experience due to the phenomenal cinematography and the eerie, disquieting soundtrack which is featured alongside each scene. This is a film which can and will frighten you in a way unrivaled by all other movie experiences, save for your very first as a young child. The unnerving sense of dread that permeates the celluloid will leave you gasping for air and turning on all the lights in your house; I consider myself to be of an extremely stable demeanor, and even I had to tell myself it was only a movie, and not some window into reality.

All in all, the music is fantastic throughout and adds to the experience. The lighting is amazing, and the coloration in even the most innocent of scenes brings a menacing to frames that would otherwise be completely docile. The cinematography is top-tier, and the various angles, close-ups, and other camera tricks are used to perfect effect. The story is bewildering and strange, and you will find yourself lost among the many developments and the sheer sense of impending doom which leaks out from every second of the film. This is the ULTIMATE horror experience, and for horror fans who are seeking something truly terrifying, I can think of few films that are equal in terror and triumph than Suspiria. Treat yourself to some pure horror and check it out today! I guarantee you will find sleeping afterwards a difficult task.

Thanks for reading, make sure you watch this gem, and as always, have a KILLER day! Muhuhahaha!


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