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I only started reading the Fallen series early this year because I had a cousin tell me the plot of the first book and I immediately got drawn in. So, I bought the book for myself and started reading it and got even more hooked. As I read the book and was introduced to the characters, I was already trying to picture, in my head, who could play the parts of the different characters. Now, I know that the first movie is already in production with a lead cast ....

...and will be released later this year, and in no way is this post me trying to bash those already chosen but these are just some of the people I was picturing in my head as I read the first book. So here is my dream cast.

Vanessa Marano as Lucinda "Luce" Price

I watch Switched At Birth on ABC Family, which Marano plays a lead role on as Bay Kennish, and her character has many qualities similar to Lucinda, which Marano excellently portrays, such as: being torn between different guys, being curious, getting into dangerous situations, and facing hurt or pain just by trying to do the right thing. Not to mention the obvious physical similarities, like the long, dark curly hair, the pale skin, and pink lips; as well as the very charming edgy style that she rocks so beautifully; and mature & mysterious presence, yet a youthful look. There is no doubt in my mind of her ability to play this role well.

Alex Pettyfer as Daniel Grigori

I mean come on, look at him! He is totally Daniel Grigori. Even though he hasn't had his big breakout role yet he is very well known and he has obvious talent. He oozes Daniel Grigori with the blonde hair, grey looking eyes, the "I'm staring into your soul" and "I'm totally in love with you" kind of stare, the physique, appeal, and the beautiful looks. Pettyfer is still in his middle 20s, which works well with the maturity that Daniel possess but ability to pull of looking young even though he's centuries old. There's not much more for me to say here other then, he's got the looks, the talent, and I've seen enough memes and GIFs of him as Daniel all over the internet to know I'm not the only one thinking this.

Chris Wood as Cameron "Cam" Briel

If anyone has been watching this season of The Vampire Diaries then they should be very familiar with Wood, as "Kai", the main wise-cracking, charming, and sinister antagonist for the beginning of the season. You love to loathe Kai and want him dead; but then you just kind of wonder if you have to get a "okay" card from the rest of TVD fans so you'll know if you can like him and be accepted, because you really do like him or at least begin to hate him less. And that truth showed me he could be perfect for the role of Cam, as about as equally fitting and perfect as Pettyfer for Daniel. I know he isn't very well-known yet and he doesn't have the famous emerald green eyes as Cam; but he has the ability to portray the role of an alluring, fun, witty, and charming bad boy with the big grin/smile and nice physique that you feel bittersweet about.

I am honestly torn between two actresses that would be great in the role of Penn, here are my two choices....

Grace Phipps as "Penn" Pennyweather van Syckle Lockwood

Janel Parrish as "Penn" Pennyweather van Syckle Lockwood

Penn is such a adorable, kind, smart, and loveable character. I could see her being played be either of these two actresses as Janel and Grace are both adorable and sweet and intelligent. Parrish being most recognized playing a major role on Pretty Little Liars as Mona and Phipps having minor roles on many different shows such as; The Vampire Diaries, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and having a main role in Teen Beach Movie. They have the attitude and look of a sweet, smart girl, plus if anyone can own a name like Pennyweather van Syckle Lockwood, both of these ladies can.

Zoe Kravitz as Arriane Alter

Zoe Kravitz is like the image of edge and attitude in youth, and that is a lot of what Arriane has. I couldn't see anyone more fitting playing this role. With her more recent roles being in X-Men: First Class, Divergent, and Insurgent there is no doubt she has talent and could fit in a more unusual or supernatural setting.

Well, this is my dream cast for the new upcoming Fallen movies. I am really excited for it and to finish off the novels. Let me know in the comments what you think or who you'd choose for your own dream cast.


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