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Disney's sequel to the ever-ubiquitous Frozen is still likely a ways out (no release date has been set), but that just gives children all over the world plenty of time to smash up novel ideas in their mind's eye and speculate what just might happen in Frozen 2.

Cartoonist Lauren R. Weinstein interviewed several kids and asked them what they think the future holds for Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the rest of the gang. The results? Some ideas were very charming, others... were kind of morbid actually. Despite spanning a full spectrum of emotions, all of the predictions were equally hilarious and adorable.


I love the boldness of Ramona's gut instinct. Elsa dying in the sequel is utterly ruthless and unforgiving. I dig her style; very Game of Thrones-esque. It's evident that Lauren was shocked by that prediction, so Ramona quickly defused the situation by offering up a vanilla alternative.

When discussing potential sequel pivots for the Frozen franchise, Anna manifesting fire powers is something that I also think of. Grover and I—and likely hundreds of others—are on the same brain wave with that one. It just makes sense! I was going to try and make a joke about A Song of Ice and Fire, but I think one Game of Thrones mention in this article is enough.

While the collective conscious of pop culture has refused to let go of Frozen, four year old Owen is ready and willing to part with the franchise. His no-nonsense sequel theory detailing Hans' escape, only to be quickly foiled by the overpowered Elsa, clearly displays a sense of Frozen fatigue. Seems like Disney's got their work cut out for them if they want to impress Owen.

Confusing yet progressive, Chloe's description of Frozen 2 is by far and away my personal favorite. Hans realizing the errors of his ways and ends up marrying Elsa? Anna is betrothed to Sven? Cinderella Olaf inspired gender-bender? And they all live Happily Ever After™ in the end? Best. Sequel. Ever.

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About the Artist

Lauren Weinstein is a cartoonist, illustrator, painter and avid gardener who lives in scenic New Jersey with her family and dog, Dr. Buddy. You can view more of her work at or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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