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I love DC and Marvel, most favorite characters- Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Mar- Vell, Moon Knight
Eliáš Gaydečka

My name is Elias and this is my first post here, so don' t expect so much from that.

I love superheroes from Marvel and from DC too, I started to read comics when I was about 5 years old and I haven' t stopped up to the present. I know, this is social website based mostly on superhero movies but I will give you more information about comics and not so much from movies (I am going to make about three posts a week).

I will propably sometimes share some video, mostly some animated series episodes (Avengers Assemble, JLA Unlimited, GL the Animated series...) or some superhero movies trailers or superhero shows spoilers (the Flash, the Arrow...).

Only about the Flash or Arrow, don' t worry, I am going to warn you, everytime I share any spoilers etc.

When you would like know something about any superhero (his history etc.) or about any superhero event (for example Blackest night or Brightest day...), write it to the comments and soon, I will write anything you want to know about it.

So that was my first post, in next one, I will introduce you the history of Green Lantern corps!

PS: I am not sure about copyright of the picture.


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