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WARNING: Major spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV show ahead. Proceed with caution.

Well it's finally over! The season finale of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) in all its 90-minute glory has come and gone and man was it good!

The episode was long and included a lot of different characters, all the ingredients of a fantastic finale.

We saw the sad and bloody aftermath of the Rick vs. Pete fight:

As well as a manhunt involving Nicholas and a very forgiving Glenn, more Daryl and Aaron adventures (which resulted in that amazing triple walker chain kill), and also Obi-Wan Morgani who kicked some serious ass in the first 5 minutes of the episode.

But before you all slump into a depression at the thought of having to wait until October to see the next season, check out these 5 things you might have missed in The Walking Dead season finale, "Conquer":

1. The Little Dead Riding Hood

Ah red poncho guy, we barely knew thee. Early in the episode, Aaron and Daryl spot a potential new recruit for Alexandria. The guy obviously has some pretty good survival skills, knowing to put wild leeks on his face to keep away mosquitoes, but unfortunately he became a literal redshirt when he was killed off soon after we first saw him. The use of the red poncho was very clever, especially when it came to his ultimate demise at the hands of the Wolves, but sadly in The Walking Dead Little Red Riding Hood didn't make it out alive.

2. The final scene was foreshadowed

The final scenes of the finale were filled with sadness and intensity with Deanna losing her husband Reg when a crazed Pete sought revenge on Rick. The show had actually foreshadowed the final scenes in a few interesting ways, beginning with the chat between Rick, Glenn, Abraham, Michonne and Rick after Rick wakes up following his fight from Pete in episode 15. When talking about not having guns, Carol responds:

We still have knives, that's all we'll need against them.

And then, formulating a plan if the meeting with the townsfolk and Deanna should go wrong, Rick says:

Tonight at the meeting if it looks like it's going bad I whistle, Carol grabs Deanna, I take Spencer, you [Michonne] grab Reg. Glenn and Abraham cover us, watch the crowd....If we can't get through we take the three of them and say we'll slit their throats.

In a cruel twist it was indeed Reg who ended up with his throat slit, and even more prophetically it was at the hands of Michonne's katana as well.

In the next scene there was also a moment when Maggie and Deanna sort of went toe-to-toe about who had lost more during the last two years of the apocalypse. As viewers, we knew that seeing your father beheaded, and your little sister with a bullet wound in her head courtesy of genuinely evil people was no contest for Deanna's recent loss of Aidan due to his own stupidity, but by the end of the episode Deanna certainly had lost a whole lot when her husband died in her arms.

3. A symbol in the background summed up Alexandria

Hopefully you all stayed glued to your TVs after the credits rolled and you caught the post-credit sequence. If you did, then you would have seen Michonne sheathing her katana and placing it back over the mantel. In the background of this shot there was an octangular ferris wheel artwork in the background, which caught the eye of Redditor siahbabedblsiah. Upon looking up what octagons symbolize, they found out that it usually refers to 'rebirth' or 'transition,' a very apt symbol for a community that is about to embark on a complete rebirth and transition as Rick's group take over and the Alexandrian's start adapting to this new life.

4. Morgan and Rick seemed to have swapped roles

What an amazing moment at the end of the show when Rick and Morgan finally lock eyes after not having seen each other since the events of "Clear" back in Season 3. However, there was and interesting contrast to what happened in "Clear" and what happened in "Conquer." Back in "Clear" when Rick, Michonne and Carl came across Morgan and his elaborate booby traps, he definitely looked like a crazed man who had lost touch with reality. Fast-forward to Season 5, "Conquer," and Morgan looks totally sane, while Rick is the one covered in blood, both human and walker, barely holding on to his sanity.

After Morgan earlier talking about how every life is precious, and then sees his friend execute a man in front of half the town, I can't wait to see how Morgan and Rick get along in Season 6. Will he understand what needed to be done or not?

It's also worth noting that Lennie James, who plays Morgan, stated during The Talking Dead that although Morgan whipped the ass of those two Wolves, when he tooted the car horn afterwards he was giving the men a chance at survival by checking the area for stray walkers - he seems to truly be living the 'every life is precious' philosophy. I can't wait to see Morgan's backstory!

5. The end was very similar to the comic

We've seen a lot of moments throughout Season 5 that have been almost directly from the comic series. After often deviating from the source material in previous seasons it was actually quite cool to see the pages of the comics come to life on the show, and the finale was no exception.

Firstly even the placement of Rick's bandaids were almost exactly the same as in the comic books, and also the mentioning of Davidson, the man who helped build Alexandria but was then exiled along with two others. In the comics it was Douglas (Deanna) and Rick who discuss this, but in "Conquer" it was Aaron and Daryl. There was also a similar scene with Pete smashing furniture and yelling "this isn't my house!"

The biggest similarities came in the final scenes though, when Pete came upon the townsfolk with a knife and Reg tried to talk sense into him, but was slashed across the throat in the process. While Reg is actually 'Regina' in the comics, the outcome was exactly the same, and what followed with Deanna telling Rick to shoot Pete was the same panel-for-panel.

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