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If you watched last night's [The Walking Dead](series:201193) season finale, you may have seen the chillingly awesome promo for [The Walking Dead Spinoff](series:1117438), aka Fear The Walking Dead. It is set to come out Summer 2015, and at the very least will serve as a delightful treat for TWD fans, to satisfy our hunger for more while we wait for the new season.

The promo is short, but INCREDIBLY sweet. Set in Los Angeles, it is going to focus on how this outbreak began and the inception of everything we've come to love about the world of TWD.

We've already seen AMC pull off a successful spinoff with [Better Call Saul](series:1028213), which spawned from the highly successful [Breaking Bad](series:200567). The network has had a ridiculous amount of success recently, mostly with gritty dramas that pick up huge loyal followings. While some weren't sure about Fear, it looks like it will have a similar feel to The Walking Dead, but it will still be a standalone and likely exceptional product.

Check the promo and a breakdown of it below:

All seems fine on this beautiful Los Angeles morning

Like any other morning, this radio announcer is just waking up the Angelenos, urging them to make sure to get their flu shots. This is the coolest way to promote this... obviously, a flu shot would do nothing to stop this outbreak, and the lax manner with which the radio personality speaks is so ironic here.

He speaks of a 'strange virus'

Something else we've come to expect from TWD... really artistic cinematography. We get an awesome shot here of smoggy LA, and we hear the radio man on this 'strange virus'. Super cool to imagine how this would all begin. So much speculation and very little facts yet.

'If you're not feeling well, go home... take care of yourself'

Little does anyone know how serious this is going to get. Clearly at this point, this virus has reached the news so it may be getting serious and people are wary, but there is not yet a heightened sense of that fear - which, of course, is the title of the series, and I'm sure something that will come to the hearts and minds of the LA community soon.

And, yeah, we've got ourselves our first visible walker

We've got a walker in a city tunnel breathing heavily, which then slams directly to the promo logo for the show. This promises to be pretty awesome. Gale Ann Hurd, the Executive Producer of The Walking Dead and Fear, is a fourth generation Angeleno, and in a recent interview with Deadline, she said that this group is going to be "a very different type of group than the type we encountered in Atlanta".


I'm expecting the show to be smart, like The Walking Dead, but still frightening and action-packed. I think it will be different and have its own unique identity, but at least it will probably have that same brand of entertainment.

Check out 'Fear The Walking Dead' on AMC - Summer 2015.

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