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After the crazy ending to Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), we're now stuck with the long, hard spring and summer months until we get our next dose of Rick and the gang. Fortunately though, The Walking Dead is never far from the news, and now in this latest news we get to speculate wildly on the possibility of Jon Hamm playing the show's biggest villain, Negan.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men
Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men

For those of you who may not know, Jon Hamm is best known for his role as Don Draper in another AMC show, [Mad Men](series:200778). Despite the show being a dramatic series, Hamm has also shown off his comedy chops in plenty of series including [Parks and Recreation](series:214218)and [30 Rock](series:200489). But what's more impressive than Hamm's resume is the fact that a year ago The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was asked by MTV about the possibility of Jon Hamm playing Negan, and this was the response he gave:

...I think Jon Hamm would be perfect. I think after “Mad Men” has run, Jon Hamm is going to have a Tom Hanks level film career, so I don’t think he’ll be coming back to television anytime soon. Although that would be cool!

So it sounds like Kirkman is keen, but it was during a recent interview that Jon Hamm himself expressed his interest in taking on the role! In the interview (which is viewable at the bottom of the article), Hamm said:

I'm always very nervous about anybody saying like 'do this, or do that' I'm like 'ok' that's why I'm in a 100 things all the time because I always say yes. I don't know, we'll see. It would be fun, that's for sure....I'd have to gain weight I guess, and work out, but that'd be fun too, right?

Um, maybe you've got room to make The Walking Dead your 101st project, Jon?But if you're still not convinced that Hamm would make the perfect Negan then check out the top reasons why you should change your tune:

1. He's got the look

While it's not totally necessary that the actor look exactly like the comic character, there's no denying that Hamm does have the Negan look. Though Negan's exact age isn't specified in the comic series, he's thought to be somewhere from late 30s to early 40s. At age 44, Jon Hamm is still youthful enough for the role, certainly more than 54-year-old Henry Rollins, whom the character of Negan was based on.

2. He's a well-rounded actor

I've heard it said that Jon Hamm never met a role he didn't like, and looking at his IMDB profile that seems to be true! While he has played the super serious Don Draper on Mad Men since 2007, he was also the likable but villainous reverend in the comedy [Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt](series:1262615), and the older Doctor in [A Young Doctor's Notebook](series:738065). His acting chops are seriously impressive and I have no doubt he would nail not only Negan's physical roughness (with the help of a bit of bulking) but also be able to get Negan's personality exactly right.

3. He's already with AMC

Both The Walking Dead and Mad Men are AMC TV shows, and even more perfectly, Mad Men will end in May after a hugely successful seven seasons. Surely Jon Hamm won't mind working on another AMC series now that Mad Men has finished, right? Right!

But no matter how perfect we might think Jon Hamm s for the role of Negan, there's still the fact that it may be a while before he's introduced on the show. While Robert Kirkman has said that "it's a 99% lock that [Negan's] going to be in the show eventually," it still might be sometime. With Season 5 ending with only the tiniest introduction to the Wolves, we have to wait 'til Season 6 to meet them - and even then it's probable that the Wolves are a completely different group to the Saviors, who are Negan's followers in the comic series. Though that would mean that Hamm has months of bulking time on his hands to get in peak physical condition to really nail the Negan look.

Watch the interview below:

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