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It may still be well over a year away from hitting our screens, but it's increasingly starting to feel as though DC and Warner Bros' first excursion into a non-Batman or Superman-centric movie, Suicide Squad, is very much on its way.

After all, not only is the movie about to begin filming in Toronto, but it's also, from the looks of it, edging ever closer to having a finalized story and design. The consistency of recent rumors - almost all of which seem to agree that the movie's plot will heavily involve Arkham Asylum, and feature the Joker and Harley Quinn's relationship at its core - suggests a script has been concluded, but it's the recent tweeted teases from director David Ayer that suggest the look of the movie might well be pretty much there as well.

And, as it happens, one in particular might just tell us something pretty huge about the movie's plot, too...

Cue: Arkham Asylum

Or, rather, what look an awful lot like binders residing in an office within Arkham Asylum. Does this then suggest that we're likely to see even more of Arkham in Suicide Squad than previously thought - with The Joker's imprisonment there taking on a large and central role within the movie? Or, alternatively, could this simply be a glimpse at a small, less-crucial scene set in Arkham?

Well, from that evidence, it could still likely go either way, but it does now certainly seem a little more probable that we'll see at least something of the legendary psychiatric hospital/internment facility.

Over the years, pretty much every classic Batman villain - and a whole lot more besides - has ended up in Arkham at one point or another, so it was never going to be a huge surprise for the Asylum to turn up in Suicide Squad - but the ever-increasing likelihood of its appearance is welcome news all the same.

Especially considering the fact that, word has it, the movie'll be very much based on this particular release from last year:

Namely Batman: Assault on Arkham - which, despite its Batman-featuring name and grounding in the Arkham Asylum games' world, is basically a Suicide Squad movie.

In which the Suicide Squad head into Arkham Asylum. And end up confronting the Joker. And then Batman.

So...nothing at all like what we'd like to see on the big screen at all, then...

What do you think, though?



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