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Ridley Scott's military epic, Black Hawk Down, saw US Army Rangers march into Mogadishu with two primary orders: capture faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid, and leave no man behind. It's been almost 14 years since the movie was released and yet it still holds up as an all-time war movie classic, depicting the disastrous Somalian conflict as the frenetic, chaotic mess it was.

However, what sticks out in my mind, other then the nail-gnawingly intense battle sequences, is the movie's star-studded ensemble cast, chock full of recognizable faces, some of whom's careers sky-rocketed after the film's release.

For example - I'd totally forgotten that the ruggedly handsome Tom Hardy even made an appearance in it. Check out the young Bane in action below - he looks so different!

And Hardy was in good company, too - scroll down to remind yourselves of the illustrious, battle-hardened cast, and see just how far they've come since 2001. Get ready for some buzz cuts!

Josh Hartnett as SSG Matt Eversmann

Age then: 22

Age now: 36

What he's been in since: Sin City, Lucky Number Slevin, Pearl Harbor.

Ewan McGregor as SPC John "Grimesey" Grimes

Age then: 29

Age now: 43

What he's been in since: Moulin Rouge, The Impossible, The Island.

Tom Sizemore as LTC Danny McKnight

Age then: 39

Age now: 53

What he's been in: Saving Private Ryan, Natural Born Killers, Heat.

Eric Bana as SFC Norm "Hoot" Gibson

Age then: 32

Age now: 46

What he's been in since: Hulk, Star Trek, Troy.

Sam Shepard as MG William F. Garrison

Age then: 57

Age now: 71

What he's been in since: August: Osage County, Mud, Blackthorn.

William Fichtner as SFC Jeff Sanderson

Age then: 44

Age now: 58

What he's been in since: Prison Break, The Dark Knight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as MSG Gary Gordon

Age then: 30

Age now: 44

What he's been in since: Game of Thrones, Mama, Oblivion.

Jason Isaacs as CPT Mike Steele

Age then: 37

Age now: 51

What he's been in since: Fury, Harry Potter, Awake.

Tom Hardy as SPC Lance Twombly

Age then: 23

Age now: 37

What he's been in since: Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception.

Orlando Bloom as PFC Todd Blackburn

Age then: 24

Age now: 38

What he's been in since: The Lord of the Rings, Kingdom of Heaven, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jeremy Piven as CWO Clifton Wolcott

Age then: 35

Age now: 49

What he's been in since: Entourage, Mr. Selfridge.


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