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While the rest of the world is revving their engines in anticipation of taking one final ride with Paul Walker in the next installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, [Furious 7](movie:264263) , the residents of one country may not even get the chance due to a court ban!

The Civil Court of Thailand has banned the film from screening on its planned release date of April 1st due to a pending settlement of a breach of contract from one of the film's stars. Sahamongkol Film has accused Tony Jaa, who plays Kiet in Furious 7, of breaching a 10-year contract by working for another company, and are asking for $49 million in compensation.

Here is one of Jaa's scenes with the late Paul Walker from the soon-to-be-released Furious 7:

While the case seems quite serious for all parties involved, it's the citizens of Thailand who will ultimately miss out on one of the top films of 2015. The Fast and Furious franchise has a huge fan base in Thailand, and following the news of the ban fans have reacted in anger, blasting Sahamongkol Film's Facebook page with 1-star reviews, denouncing the company, and saying things such as:

I used to love this company --- but since the FF 7 ---- I hate you very much. You take advantage over your people TOO MUCH.


You just killed yourself, Sahamongkol film. We will not support you anymore.

It's easy to sympathize with the thousands of dedicated fans who have flooded Sahamongkol Film's page, especially after waiting patiently for more than two years for the next installment in the beloved series. Not to mention that this film is the last chance for fans to see actor Paul Walker in a Fast and Furious film after he was tragically killed in an accident back in November 2013.

Paul Walker, one of the stars of Furious 7
Paul Walker, one of the stars of Furious 7

With such an enormous and dedicated fan base, it seems totally unfair that the people of Thailand have to suffer while other countries are still able to see the film, which is released in America on April 3rd.

The lawyer for Sahamongkol Film, Suwat Apaipak, has said that the company is open to negotiation and if deals are agreed on the complaint and ban could be withdrawn. Hopefully the dispute is resolved quickly and without huge delay so the Thai fans can share the greatness of Furious 7 with the rest of the world!

Watch the trailer for the film below:

Source: Bangkok Post via Comicbook


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