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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

I love a bit of cosplay, it's amazing to see the hard work and dedication that goes into a cosplayer replicating the energy and look of an iconic character, and then completely blowing minds when they pull it off.

But crossplay and genderbent cosplay is a completely different animal altogether. Seeing the personifications of "what if's" coming to life before your very eyes, in such vibrant and explosive style, makes me think "maybe I could pull off that Power Girl crossplay." Alas, I haven't the... erm... legs for it. Yeah, definitely the legs.

So I bring you now twenty of the coolest crossplays and genderbent cosplays I've seen around the web today. There are some incredibles performers and designers on this list of sheer awesomeness, so enjoy!

1. Black Widow

via David Ngo

As brave as it is hilarious, I really do hope it was warm that day.

2. Skeletor

by Freddie Nova

Photography by Superhero Photography

Skeletor is looking a lot lovelier than I remember...

3. Pocahontas

by Johnny Junkers

Photography by Martin Wong

Here's Poca-hunk-as looking positively swole. Need to up my loin cloth game...

4. Cyclops

by Nadya Sonika

Photography by ASPhotography

This is one hell of a spot on genderbent Cyclops cosplay.

5. Storm

by Larry Smith

Photography by Larry Wong

This is amazing work! Think I may have found this year's Halloween costume.

6. Bilbo Baggins

via Alexander Turchanin

This cosplayer certainly looks up for another adventure! This is one of the best cosplays in the whole of Middle Earth.

7. Khal Drogo & Daenerys Targaryen

by Psykitten Pow

Photography by Subversively

The genderbent Khal and her prize look totally badass in this great cosplay.

8. Vegeta

by Jessica Mari

Photography by Richie S

This costume is outstanding! Jessica Mari has smashed this DBZ cosplay, as has...

9. Goku

by Kendra Danae Cosplay

Photography by Howie Muzika

...Kendra Danae and her ridiculous Goku! That hair, brilliant!

10. The Joker & Harley Quinn

Via Hung Up On Superheroes

Not that Harley wasn't intimidating before, this genderswap is terrifying!

11. Gaston

by Rue the Day Cosplay

Photography by Yenra Photography

This Gaston crossplay by the beautiful cosplayer Rue made my day. What a great outfit!

12. Dr. Manhattan

by Toni Darling

Photography by Juan Carlos Meza Romero

Here's Dr. Manhattan once again making the world jealous of her sublime brilliance.

13. Ash & Misty

by Evey Dantès & Zeek

Photography by Brintyboo

I think Misty's been munching way too many rare candies in this hilarious cosplay! Dantes is as cute as a button.

14. TWD's Beth & Daryl

by Tabby Tyler

Photography by Greg Larro

This is what would happen if Thor tried his hand at cosplay. Spot on though, this is great work!

15. Elsa

by DakunCosplay

Photography by NekoHibaPC

What list would be complete without a bit of Elsa crossplay good enough to warm the hearts of even the iciest of monarchs.

16. Handsome Jack

by Lisa Lou Who

Photography by Martin Wong Photography

From Borderlands 2 to this list, this cosplay is absolutely sublime. The cel shading is super awesome, just look at it!

17. Winter Soldier

by A-Twins Cosplay

Photography by Jiyouh

This is insanely good! The detail is fantastic, and the Winter Solider's glare will haunt you till the grave. Which is a place, judging by how close she is, you will be inhabiting rather soon.

18. Nightwing

by Vampy Bit Me

Photography by Jason Chau

What's not to love about this Nightwing crossplay? The outfit is awesome and its detail is quite meticulous.

19. The Different Justice League Cosplay Group

via John Austin

A veritable league of crossplay legends, this was a brilliant idea executed awesomely!

20. Firefly's Jayne Cobb

by Kitty Toxin

Photography by Zaneth Simpson

And what better way to close the list than with some excellent Firefly cosplay. Kitty Toxin has the menace down, and the hunting knife and apple is a great touch!

Which crossplay was your favorite?


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