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I often daydream about how some seriously misguided products make it through designers, boardrooms and prototypes before anyone realizes they are more phallic than that thing you wish you hadn't found in you mom's underwear drawer.

So, prepare to be amazed about just how many toys are sporting a wayward wang and get ready to cover the kids' eyes because things are about to get dirty up in here!

1. Winnie the Peen

Image: Explosion

I think I'll pass taking a spin on this, thanks.

2. The Least Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

Image: Explosion

Just slurpin' from a fornicating Tigger's poo pipe. Nothing to see here.

3. Buzz Slurp-Fear

Image: Funnyjunk

I can't tell if Buzz is incredibly aroused or totally nonchalant about his giant straw wang...

4. Badman Batman

Image: Oddity Mall

I'm not sure what's worse, the tricksy trigger or the fact that you pour water up the caped crusaders asshole.

5. Slinging His Wad

Image: Funnyjunk

The packaging can say that viscous slime is a web all it wants, but I'm not buying it.

6. Third Reich Racing

Image: Imockery

Whoever let that big, juicy undeniable swastika by better have been fired immediately. Not cool.

7. Playdoh's Play Peen

Image: The Daily Mail via Facebook

Whoever designed this piping tool for Playdoh either had cataracts or a seriously warped sense of humor.

8. Mew's Huge

Image: Confuzzled_Munkie of Photobucket

Yes! I've been looking for a nice tasteful stylus for my DS forever now. You always deliver, Japan.

9. Fifty Shades of Bear

Image: Viral Nova

Mr. Bear will see you now, but don't expect much conversation.

10. Spongebob Square Wang

Image: Youtube

No wonder Spongebob is looking bashful...


Which of these unintentionally perverted kids toys is the biggest fail?


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