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As if the morning commute wasn't upsetting enough, a Vancouver bus has decided to spice things up by spattering its disgusted passengers with a blood-like substance.

Think something a little bit like the clip below...

Horrified commuters were showered with a viscous red blood-like substance pouring out of the air conditioning units and begged the driver to stop the bus after the liquid flooded the floors.

The blood-like substance pouring from the bus
The blood-like substance pouring from the bus

Video footage of the unusual event was posted on Youtube by a passenger named Luka Jason with the following comment about his brush with the horror bus:

The walls resemble a scene out of "The Shining." Bus might need an Exorcism

Despite one of the passengers screaming that "it could be blood' in the panic, the leak was discovered to be a much more benign substance.

Translink issued an official statement claiming that the creepy looking liquid was a non-toxic, non-flammable leak of hydraulic fluid. Phew.

Check out the public transport horror show for yourself in the video below:

(Source: The Mirror)


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