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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remains a classic show that has truly stood the test of time. In fact, you can catch syndicated re-runs of it on almost any channel, and you can - like I did this past weekend - get caught up in a pseudo-marathon of the show for hours (5 to be exact).

Will Smith was probably the biggest star to break out from his performance on the show, but the gorgeous Tatyana Ali, who played the young Ashley Banks on the show, also has enjoyed a pretty successful and fruitful career as well.

Celebrating BET's Black Girls Rock! ceremony in Newark this past Saturday, Smith and Ali had a reunion of sorts - and of course, an Instagram moment for proof of the encounter.

Tatyana posted the IG pic and included the caption:

"Backstage @blackgirlsrock @mbib .'

You can tell the love and older/lil cuz connection that the two share is real. Smith is 46 and Ali is 36, which is truly hard to believe. Tatyana was only 11 years old when she started filming for the show!

Here they are back in the '90s. Two ways you can tell that this picture is from the '90s are...

  • 1. The ridiculous outfits... although, there are some hipsters out there that might consider both of these acceptable... MAYBE.
  • 2. Tatyana being tiny... although, something worth noticing is that Will still looks, pretty much, the same. That dude has aged so well, somehow.

And here they are a little bit older on the show:

Tatyana Ali co-hosted the Black Girls Rock! BET event and dropped her debut album "Hello" last year. Most recently, you can see her in Love That Girl! Here she is on stage at the event.

Jumpsuit designed by Gemy Maalouf (
Jumpsuit designed by Gemy Maalouf (

You won't believe how many times I've heard the Fresh Prince theme song recited word-for-word and to perfection by the least likely people you would ever expect to know it. The show touched so many people's lives, no matter their race, background, social class, etc.

Easily the most classic intro to a sit-com and possibly of any TV show ever. It instantly brings me back to my childhood days in the '90s.

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