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Giving Monday a whole new MEMEing

Happy Monday everyone. As you are all getting set to conquer our favorite day of the week I thought I would take a second to introduce [](tag:2805544) . We all know the first day of the week can be quite.. MONDAYne, so let's have a little fun!

Come up with your best caption for the image below and share it in your own article with the tag [](tag:2805544). If you want to share a GIF that is fine too!

Caption This Meme:

Deadpool in his Birthday suit
Deadpool in his Birthday suit

I've heard some people say that Ryan Reynolds isn't even in that suit, but that it's CGI technology? I don't know, but to get to the bottom of this we might need to hire someone with a special set of skills...

Perhaps an ...

So that's it! Now it's your turn. Join the Moviepilot Community if you haven't already, and show us your hilarious memes! Thank you guys for dealing with my horrible puns, I can't wait to see what kind of hilarious ideas you all come up with.

Let's all help each other make Monday's a little more meme-orable.


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