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Although we may assume otherwise, just like us ordinary folk, Hollywood A-listers have not always had easy lives. Indeed, we might regard them as symbols of beauty, success and wealth, but we must not forget that many have struggled through a series of colossal ups-and-downs to get to where they are today.

A great number of celebrities have had to battle through poverty and work their way up from nothing before they could even dream about living in million dollar mansions.

The following 11 famous faces have certainly risen up against the odds, having tumbled down into the pits of homelessness as struggling entertainers back in their youth. At least once in their lives, they were at such an unbearable low that it is testament to their determination and faith that they were able to pick themselves up again.

After scrolling through the list, I assure you that you will never look at homeless people in the same way again.

1. Halle Berry

In her early 20s, Halle Berry once stayed in a homeless shelter in Chicago. Running out of money as a struggling actress, her mother refused to send her more cash so she had to resort to staying in a shelter.

2. Harry Houdini

Before he became the greatest magician of all time, Houdini begged on the streets for money. Running away from home at the age of 12, he ended up in Missouri before going to New York with his father. There, they were so poor the young boy was forced to ask strangers for coins.

3. Jennifer Lopez

When she was 18, JLo fell out with her mother because she refused to go to college and wanted to be a dancer. Moving out of her mother's home, she started sleeping on a sofa at her dance studio.

4. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey dropped out of high school and lived in a VW bus in different locations throughout Canada. During tough financial times, he eventually moved into a tent on his sister's lawn.

5. Hilary Swank

While they saved up for a place to live in LA, Hilary Swank and her mother lived in a car and squatted in an empty house for a few months. Back then, they would book auditions over pay-phones.

By 30, she had won two Oscars, one for Million Dollar Baby. Remind yourselves of her award-winning performance below:

6. Daniel Craig

Before he made it big, Mr. Bond had to sleep on park benches in London. Since then, he has come a very long way and is worth an estimated $65 million.

Not bad for a guy who passers-by no doubt once scorned.

7. Sylvester Stallone

After being evicted from his home, Stallone was briefly homeless and was forced to sleep at the New York City Port Authority bus station. Thankfully, he saw a casting notice for the 1970 soft-core porn movie The Party at Kitty and Stud's and the $200 he earned from that got him back on track.

8. Sam Worthington

During the time that he was auditioning for Avatar, Sam Worthington was living out of a car he bought with the $2,000 he had from selling all of his possessions.

Thank goodness he got the part! Relive the epic adventure in the trailer here:

9. William Shatner

After Star Trek went off air at the end of the '60s, Shatner lived out of his pick-up truck because he had simply nowhere else to go.

10. David Letterman

When the talk-show host first moved to LA, he had to stay in his red 1973 Chevy for a few months.

11. Carmen Electra

When she was in her early 20s, the beautiful star found herself homeless in Hollywood. Her then-boyfriend stole all of her savings, leaving her alone and stranded. Speaking of the ordeal, she once said:

"You know, I had a couple of years of being homeless in Hollywood [...] A lot of people don't even know this. [...] 'I remember sitting on a park bench in the valley. I was crying because I was stranded. It was over 100 degrees outside."



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