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Remember that ambiguously colored dress that divided the internet into staunchly opposed camps of 'blue/black' and 'white/gold' proponents earlier this year? Well, now another equally devious image of eye-tricking tomfoolery has emerged online - but will its hidden secret reveal itself to you?

The first book in Mark Millar's new Chrononauts comic series was released last week, but there's a lot more to its cover than meets the eye.

Only 1 in 15 people will be able to spot the secret image hidden in the cover below:

Anything odd sticking out to you?

I'll give you a clue - focus your attention on the watch's clock face:

Can you see it now?

The artist behind the cover, Sean Murphy, explains that while most people simply see a watch face with a cracked screen, a special few will notice something else: the green outline of an hourglass.

The hourglass is only visible to a small subset of people (about 7%) who have a certain type of color blindness.

Don't feel bad if didn't see it - even the comic's own author admitted he wasn't part of the 'chosen' few:

Murphy likened the effect to “invisible ink,” commenting that the CIA tried to use the same method to send covert messages during the Cold War. I couldn't see the hourglass either, so I guess I'm just not cut out to be a spy.


Can you see the green hourglass?

[Source: Twitter]


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