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With the announcement of Sony buying the rights to Robotech with plans of a franchise I'd say the future looks bright on our anime heroes. And even though the good money's on them primarily focusing on the Macross saga I thought it would be fun to cast The New Generation. I mean lets face it the prospect alone of a sinister six movie means they are going to milk this cash cow for as far as it can go. So why not a New Generation film if Macross does well? So here it is Robotech The New Generation...

Scott Bernard

The lone survivor in an attack force to take back Earth from the bug like Invid. Scott was born and raised on Mars where he was indoctrinated as a soldier. The battle was going to continue even if he was alone.

Alex Pettyfer

As Scott I thought we needed some one with almost a stone like appearance. Im not the hugest fan of Alex Pettyfer but in some roles he comes off almost robotic and I thought as Scott Bernard that might play to his favor. Alex is no novice to the whole Sci fi game having played John in "I am Number Four."

Rand Summersville

Rand is a survivor of the Invid invasion now living upon Invid controlled Earth. Pretty much just a scavenger trying to simplify life one item at a time. What he cant use he can always sell a good philosophy till he stumbles upon a Cyclone. A motorcycle/power armor from mars base for fighting Invid.

Chace Crawford

I thought Chace fits the bill perfectly. After all Robotech is a war drama and with shows like Gossip girl under his belt I think he could pull it off nicely. But truth be told about a thousand people could play this role. The thing about Rand is that he's supposed to be your everyday Joe caught up in an Alien war.

Rook Barton

A fan favorite Rook is a bad ass. A troubled girl from a lawless town where street gangs make their own rules. She is sharp like a tack and twice as ruthless. She also has occasional flirting with Rand in between insults.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Okay when it comes to bad ass blondes you cant go much farther then Chloe Grace Moretz. I mean the chick was Hit Girl for crying out loud! She would kill this part. And she doesn't suck at acting. Still not convinced? If you want to see her in a dramatic role watch her in "If I Stay," playing Mia Hall. If your still not convinced after that then make your own list or comment below.

Lancer Belmont/Yellow Dancer

Lancer was a soldier from the Expeditionary Forces when he was shot down over Earth. He was found unconscious by Carla a towns girl who dressed him like a girl to hide him from the town who wanted to turn him in to the Invid. He has since maintained his disguise and goes from town to town in complete anonymity.

Avan Jogia

Okay truth be told this one was very hard. I needed to find a guy who can both sing and dance plus not be objective to wearing a dress. And after alot of internet research which made my wife question my sexuality. I found Avan and a chace to add some diversity without turning anybody into a girl. Oh, and if you need to see him dressed as a girl watch "Beck falls for Tori" a Victorious episode where he puts on a dress.

Lunk Cooper

Lunk is the strong guy in the group. Cooper was a soldier who let his friend die because he was a coward. Looking to redeem himself he joins up with Scott and his group to take out reflex point. The head of all Invid control.

Mark Salling

Hey this might contribute to that whole sexuality in question thing but I love Glee. And when thinking about a tough guy I couldn't go farther then Noah "Puck" Puckermen. This guy would make an outstanding Lunk! Plus it would look very nice on a resume thats greatest accomplishment is being in Walker Texas Ranger.

Annie LaBelle aka. Mint

Annie is a sixteen year old girl always on the hunt for romance in a broken world. She is also spirit of the group. Her youth a constant reminder that life inevitably goes on. Her best friend is Lunk.

Elle Fanning

I thought Elle Fanning would knock it out of the park. She's a young outstanding actress with a bright future ahead. Plus I just loved her in Super 8. I think she could bring life to this character who lets face it doesn't have much of a role in the team.


Okay, I added this one is kind of a bonus. Marlene is an Invid named Ariel who doe to an accident can't remember she's a spy. The team picks her up thinking she might of suffered some sort of horrible trauma. Marlene gets her name from Scotts dead fiance who she reminds Scott of.

Kristen Stewart

Okay this isn't actually supposed to be an insult because I did love her in Adventureland. But Kristen can sometimes come off spaced out. Witch is why I think she has practice her whole life for this role. Plus the look is right. I think she might be able to contribute something to Marlene

Okay, that my pick I hope you like them and as usual if you have any questions comments or just genuinely want to talk place just start a conversation below.


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