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Stephen Adamson

If you've seen Red State, the action-horror flick by Kevin Smith, you know that it ended with the religious zealot family led by Abin Cooper (Michael Parks) having a standoff with the ATF. There is a loud horn noise that comes, in Cooper's mind signifying the rapture. However, in the film it turns out to be neighboring kids pulling a prank.

That's the way Smith ended it with a budget of $4 million. However, if the budget was $15 million, Smith would have ended it very differently. With the help of Entertainment Weekly, Smith was able to explain how he would've ended it and show it in animated form.

Check it out!

Now, I'm no expert on special effects, but certainly almost all of what Smith describes and is shown in animated form looks expensive. The exploding bodies would be child's play compared to flying horses in the sky (if they were to make them look realistic).

I think it may have made for a more interesting scene, but I kind of like the original version better - I don't know, maybe that's just me.



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