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Good news, Suicide Squad fans!

Not only is next year's most eagerly anticipated villainous DC team-up movie already entering production - meaning we can now start counting the days till our first actual look at the cast in costume - but, from the sounds of recent reports from Toronto, where it's filming, the movie's still adding actors to its already substantially-sized cast.

The latest additions? Fury star (and Clint's son) Scott Eastwood, who recently revealed his casting in the movie to etalk, and pro boxer and Pixels star Raymond Olubowale, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

The big question now, though?

Who'll They Be Playing?

Now, there's an obvious temptation to imagine the pair in any number of classic Suicide Squad roles - with Olubowale's 6'7 frame in particular seeming to make him a perfect fit for Bronze Tiger:

However, considering the actor's relative lack of name-recognition, the chances of him playing such a major DC villain may sadly be a little slim.

Scott Eastwood, on the other hand - whose career seems to be heading in an increasingly stratospheric direction - might just be another story.

Could he even end up playing a certain legendary DC figure who has, as it happens, been rumored to appear in the movie..., crucially, a much younger version of himself than is set to take the lead in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It's...a long shot - and odds are the pair are more likely to end up playing key members of Amanda Waller's security detail, or targets of the 'Squad themselves - but it sure will be interesting to find out.

What do you think, though?



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