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Well, The Walking Dead Season 5 finale was awesome. Really, one of the best finales so far. The powers that be were able to craft a finale that was palatable to most of the viewers. Not too controversial, and no major characters died, that we know of. I will go into this a bit more later on.

The episode starts off with Morgan trying to enjoy his breakfast when two nasty men interrupt him. Morgan's unwelcome visitors have a big ole W carved in their forehead that stands for Wolves. Little do they know that Morgan's pholosophy is "Speak softly and carry a big stick." So, the Wolves finally make an appearance setting them up as the next group to be dealt with next season.

I just have to say that Carol is the bomb! Her scene with Pete, aka Porch Dick, is one of the best of the entire episode. She is a cookie baking, knife wielding momma. You've come a long way baby!

Father Gabriel is a very sad man that is trying to work out his demons. In the mean time, he threw Rick and the others under the bus to Deanna. Plus, he was so hateful to Sasha, a woman already contemplating suicide. Thank God Maggie walked in when she did. Father Gabriel is at a crossroad and he could end up a really good guy or a bigger prick than he already is. In my opinion, he has already gone too far for the group to trust him again.

It was good to see Eugene and Abraham make nice. Abraham may not have a "mission" any longer, but he is realizing that he has a new family. I really like Abe's speech to save Rick at the campfire.

Daryl and Aaron are a couple of the most mismatched characters in [The Walking Dead](series:201193), but they work so darn well together. Daryl, the eternal redneck and Aaron, not your typical gay man. Aaron is right, Daryl is a very good judge of character and Aaron has been nothing but truthful with them all. Again, these two work well together. But, after being trapped in that tiny car with the walkers set to munch on at least one of them (here comes Morgan to save the day), I think Aaron will trust Daryl's instincts from now on.

Glenn, why didn't you kill Nicholas when you had the chance? Now, he has shot you and left you for walker fodder. Were you bitten by the walkers? The writers are quite fond of killing off major characters and there was no explanation as to how he got away. Will Glenn be the first major character to be killed off in Season 6?

Nicholas, what will be done with Nicholas? Since Glenn didn't kill him when he had the chance, there is the matter of him shooting Glenn and maybe killing him by serving him up as a walker entree. Will he be exiled? If he is exiled, will he run into the Wolves? You can bet if that happens he will sing like a canary to save his own life. He will definitely give up all of Alexandria's secrets.

Rick was making a great speech when Pete shows up with Michonne's sword. I was so sad to see Reg die. He was a voice of reason for Deanna. Now that is gone and she told Rick to do it, kill Pete. We see Rick aim and shoot, but did he actually shoot Pete? Maybe he didn't shoot him, but gave him a warning shot instead. If he didn't shoot him, what will they do with him? After all, Pete is a doctor and very needed.

Morgan is finally reunited with Rick. The two are polar opposites. Morgan has regained his sanity and has become very zen. He darn sure knows what he is doing with that 6 ft stick. Verses Rick who is living very close to the edge of dropping off into the abyss. Maybe Morgan can pull him out.

The final scene where Michonne gives in and puts her sword back on. She wanted so bad for Alexandria to be totally safe, but she realizes it is not. It is still much better than being outside the walls, but you still have to be prepared.

This season of The Walking Dead is over and in record books. Now, what will happen in Season 6?


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