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Warning: Spoilers up ahead!

In the upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries, chaos is expected to continue ravaging Mystic Falls. And that's not only because Caroline and Stefan fail to cease their mindless humanity-free rampage through the town. Instead, it seems that much of the turmoil is to come from behind closed doors, from another relationship altogether.

A few images have been released from 'I Could Never Love Like That' and one in particular of Damon and Elena shows both deep in contemplative thought.

What's going so wrong?

Since news about Jo's pregnancy were announced, Elena has been forced to think about her own situation in life. According to an official synopsis, when she learns of the baby news, she is prompted to "re-evaluate her own life as a vampire."

Clearly, being immortal, having a child is simply not in the cards for her and maybe the pressure of this knowledge is just too much. It is understandable that hearing the happy news is going to make her ponder her own path in life. Whatever is going on in her head, the stills from the episode clearly confirm that Elena isn't very happy.

The cure will definitely be pivotal in what happens next in the series, but what could it mean for Delena, in particular if she decides she wants to take it?

Is their love strong enough to survive if serious changes are in store or are they on the road to break-up?

The show returns on April 19, so we can only wait and see. In the meantime, take a look at the teaser trailer for the next episode below:



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