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Adam West and Burt Ward - stars of ABC's endearingly camp Batman TV series - have announced that they'll return to lend their voices for "at least one" new animated feature film.

The duo announced the exciting news at the Mad Monster Con this weekend, indicating that the project will commemorate the original show's 50th anniversary, due next year:

You can look forward to a new, animated Batman full-length 90-minute feature coming out on the fiftieth anniversary. One of possibly two, but for sure one, that Adam and I are going to be doing the voices for.

As someone who's primary exposure to Batman has been through Chris Nolan's gritty Dark Knight trilogy, I find it easy to forget about the Caped Crusader's more slapstick on-screen origins. For a super nostalgic blast from Batman's past, look no further than this hilariously dated clip:

Though West and Ward didn't confirm any specifics, here's hoping that this new movie will take place in the same wonderfully wacky universe as the Batman '66 comic series - after Nolan's more serious tone, a good bit of light hearted fun wouldn't go amiss!

You can watch the original Batman and Robin announce their involvement in the new animated project below:

What do you want to see from a new animated Batman movie?

[Via: ComicBook]


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