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I love DC and Marvel, most favorite characters- Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Mar- Vell, Moon Knight
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A long time ago, when whole universe was formed, 9 emotional powers emerged together with it. Then, there came a couple of blue gnomes known also as the Guardians, who took control of the Green power of Will, moved with it to planet Oath and divided whole known universe into 3600 sectors. After this, they formed group of 3600 members, who had enough of will, to protect universe. They were called the Green Lanterns.

the Guardians
the Guardians

Every Green Lantern was equipped by Green power ring, which was available to construct anything, its holder imagine, Green Lantern power batery, which is needed to recharge Green power ring and each Green Lantern was responsible for peace in his sector. To access Green Lantern power battery, Green Lantern needs to know this accessing poem:

"In brightest day, in blackest night,

no evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil' s might

beware my power -- Green Lantern' s light!"

But because many of Lanterns died and their rings had to find another person, who had enough of will to become Green Lantern, one of Guardians who was called Parallax decided to find a way how to save them. He wanted to take control of the Yellow power of Fear but his plan didn' t work. Instead of he taking control of fear, the Yellow power took control of Parallax and transformed him into giant monster, who lives by eating fear- controlled souls.

Parallax controlled by the Yellow power
Parallax controlled by the Yellow power

Because Parallax totally destroyed many sectors and killed so many Lanterns, that one of the best trained Green Lanterns decided to finally stop him. His name was Abin Sur from sector 2814. When Parallax came to his sector, they fought and this fight ended by Parallax' s winning and killing Abin Sur. But Abin Sur' s ring found a new person to become a Green Lantern.

It was the first time when ring picked human. The ring flew to the planet Earth where it picked jet pilot whose name was Hal Jordan. He quickly discovered abilities and responsibility of Green Lantern, thanks to Green Lanterns Tomar- Re, Sinestro and mostly Kilowog. And then, thanks to Sinestro' s plan, Green Lantern Corps defeated Parallax.

That was basic story of Green Lantern Corps, next time, I am going to make a post about Sinestro Corps.


Did you watch any Green Lantern Animated episode, read Green Lantern comics or only watched movie?


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