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It appears filming is still underway for True Detective's second season - which is expected to hit the airwaves of HBO sometime this summer. Even though season two has yet to even air a teaser or trailer, the show is finding itself making some headlines.

A True Detective Casting Call

Some titillating (sorry) news broke recently when a casting call went out for actresses willing to bare it all for an orgy scene that may feature as prominent plot point in one of the climactic (again, sorry) episodes of the second season. Naturally, a couple of adult films stars answered this call and were spotted arriving on set.

Indeed, it would seem people are desperate for any kind of news regarding True Detective when reports about a casting call for an orgy scene can spread across the internet faster than a California brush fire. So what is an orgy scene doing in an episode of True Detective anyway?

On a Highway to Hell

Well, as you may or may not know by now, the second season of True Detective is taking place in California and involves three police officers investigating the death of a prominent business man who is found dead on a California highway. And not just dead but he's has his genitals mutilated and his body carved into with satanic symbols.

Vince Vaughn on the set of True Detective season 2.
Vince Vaughn on the set of True Detective season 2.

This general synopsis of the initial murder in True Detective's second season was reported a while ago now, but it would seem that this business with the orgy substantiates the claim. The body they find belongs to a business partner of Vince Vaughn's character and it is quickly revealed that he may have some ties to an S&M club which may or may not involve some more sinister aspects than just whips and chains - it could be that some members are getting branching out into some Occult behavior.

A True Detective Conspiracy?

But the murder just so happens to be timed as final negotiations are going on around a high-speed railway system that is being proposed to solve California's notorious gridlock problem. There's a long history of conspiracy theories that go into how companies with interests in keeping car sales up, like General Motors for instance, have stymied any progress on decent public transportation getting to California.

True Detective returns in 2015.
True Detective returns in 2015.

So it could be that this murder is simply using the satanic and S&M angle as a red herring to throw the cops of the trail of the real killer or using it, and the public display of the body, as a way to discredit and put a bad spin on the work the man was doing in favor of the railway system. I'm sure this is what our intrepid police officers will be getting to the bottom of during the season 2 of True Detective.

Taylor Kitsch on the set of True Detective.
Taylor Kitsch on the set of True Detective.

Colin Farrell & Taylor Kitsch

And what is the story behind our three new cops? Well, our partners this time around are Colin Farrell - obviously the bad boy cop, with the fantastic mustache - who is trying to get out from under the corruption and mob ties that have plagued his career as a police officer; and Taylor Kitsch - a war veteran suffering from PTSD who is fighting to shake a sexual assault scandal that may have cost him his relationship.

Farrell & McAdams on the set of True Detective.
Farrell & McAdams on the set of True Detective.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams rounds out the cast of cops as the Sheriff of the town where the murder occurs. As would be expected in [True Detective](series:755331), she has her own dark side which involves gambling and hitting the bottle as a way to escape a troubled upbringing. Since she is reportedly also working an investigation involving a former childhood classmate of hers, which may or may not be related to the murder, this dark past is probably going to be more difficult than ever for her to escape.

How excited are you to finally see the second season of True Detective get underway? Let us know in the comments below!


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